• July 19, 2024

Teen Thought Man Was Stopping To Help Her With A Flat Tire Moments Later, She Gagged and Blindfolded

An ex-con rapist saw a young “damsel in distress” stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire. Because the young 19-year-old student, Mariana Bazza, was in need of some help, she was delighted when the man pulled over and gave her a smile. He offered to help fix her flat tire, and she called the “Good Samaritan,” an angel.

However, the man quickly changed his tune as he kidnapped the teenage student sending police on a grand chase. But when Mariana’s desecrated body was found dead on a plot of dirt in Itapolis on Tuesday, it was clear that she was the victim of a horrible murder. The young student had been gagged and blindfolded. Her hands were tied behind her back, and she was brutalized.

The student disappeared on Tuesday after leaving a gym to return home. When she got a flat tire along the way, she accepted the help of 37-year-old Rodrigo Pereira Alves, who stopped to offer her the help she needed.

However, it was later revealed that it was Alves who slashed the teenager’s tire while she was in the gym. He knew that she was a beautiful young woman, and he offered to help fix the problem that he caused. It was all an elaborate plot to kidnap, rape, and murder her.

CCTV footage captures Alves slashing the student’s tire and then tricking her into his custody. After the pair speak on the security footage, Alves crosses the road, and Mariana drives her car into a yard on the other side of the road.

An hour later, the student’s vehicle is seen leaving the scene. Behind the wheel is the ex-con rapist, not the beautiful young student.

When he was arrested, he confessed to killing the student. He then told authorities where he dropped her mangled body, a location about 40 miles from the teen’s gym.

The father of the victim told news sources, “My wife is desperate; our lives are over. My daughter, my angel, has gone. (This) has ended our life.”

Police did not just have the security footage to work off of. They also managed to find more evidence on Mariana’s on her phone. She had taken a photograph of Alves as he stooped to fix her flat tire. She sent the image to her family members as well as her boyfriend, Lieutenant Navy Officer Jefferson Vianna.

Vianna admitted to officers that Mariana was not worried about Alves when she sent the picture. She was simply showing the Good Samaritan in action.

“She just sent it to tell me what had happened, we laughed at the situation, and I sent her a picture of me in my uniform whites because I knew she liked it. I also told her that I loved her,” he said.

This text message exchange was the last anyone heard from the beautiful Mariana.

Her aunt told the local media, “[Mariana] didn’t answer her phone after that. The phone didn’t have a signal. We were immediately desperate with worry.”

The murder suspect remains in police custody as he awaits his trial.

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