• July 18, 2024


A woman was driving down I-35 last week in Austin when a rock thrown at the car broke the windshield and hit her in the neck. While the woman escaped with minor injuries, she and police are trying to warn motorists.

Tina and Kevin Morales never expected to be attacked by a rock, but they’re only the latest victims of a rock-tossing crime spree. Some 41 people have reported rocks being thrown at them on the same stretch of road.

“Out of nowhere!” said Kevin. “We were in the left-hand lane next to the median. Boom – it came through like a missile.”

“I literally thought I got shot. I kept on saying I think someone shot me in the neck, someone shot me in the neck,” said Tina.

Police say the incident is unusual because there is no freeway overpass. Since June, two people have been critically injured by rocks being thrown at them on I-35. At least three others have been hurt.

Police have yet to identify any suspects, but according to a spokeswoman they have talked to some witnesses.

In the meantime, Austin drivers need to be on the lookout— if this practical joker doesn’t stop soon, he is going to end up killing someone.


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