• July 21, 2024

The Cops Just Took Over $100K From One Family Without Even Charging Them With Anything…

Clearly, there is something wrong with our Justice System…and some people have to deal with this abnormality leaving them in despair.

A couple currently facing economic ruin says that the federal government is still refusing to return over $100 thousand seized from them illegally three years ago.

In October 2012, Adam and Jennifer Perry were driving from Massachusetts to Utah when they were pulled over for a routine speeding violation. According to The Perrys, they were heading to see a doctor who specializes in hearing loss and could help Adam with a severe ear infection that was plaguing him.

As they were traveling through Illinois, a traffic cop flagged them over for speeding and then decided to question the couple further.

After pulling them over for the routine traffic stop, the Illinois police searched the couple’s Toyota Tundra with the help of a K-9 unit and found a suitcase containing $102,000 in cash, according to the Dispatch-Argus. Another $5,520 was found in Jennifer’s wallet. Although no drugs were found, the police suspected the Perrys of criminal activity, so they seized their cash as well as their vehicle.

Police Seize $107,000 From Married Couple Under Civil Forfeiture Law
Stock Image (Photo Credit: Screen Capture/YouTube)

But after several years after the traffic stop for overspeeding, no charges were ever filed against them yet the money of the couple is still not been claimed or returned instead, it was seized for good because of the civil forfeiture law.

The Perrys, who stated they weren’t even speeding in the first place, claims they were also denied multiple requests for an attorney and wrote in their complaint:

“We were read our Miranda rights and then held without charge, abused and continually questioned for over 9 hours. We also asked repeatedly if we were free to go and were continually told we were under arrest. We asked the charges and were never given a response. We still do not understand how having currency is a criminal act or why that kind of personal information is owed to the officer. “

It’s now been several years of seeking the return of their money with no luck and according to them, no means for hiring counsel because they are now broke because the seized funds were their savings.

The couple added, “You have taken everything and asked us to fight back with nothing.”

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