• May 27, 2024

The Disney Double Standard Has Been EXPOSED!

If you don’t think that people get treated differently all you have to do is look at the way certain celebrities get treatment by how they lean politically.

Hell, it doesn’t even have to get too big of a political thing. All you need to do is commit a minor transgression and if you are a conservative they want to look for any reason to cancel you.

This is strange at the end of the day because  I have never made it a point, even with people I disagree with, to mess with the way someone feeds their family.

Ah, the double standard strikes again.

It has almost become a hallowed American institution at this point; rules for thee, but not for me.

The media has been abuzz with what happened to Gina Carano, and the backlash that Disney is facing has gained a lot of steam since then.

We as conservatives are fed up with this nonsense. It isn’t just that Gina Carano was unfairly fired for airing an opinion; it is that many Disney employees post way more inappropriate opinions.

Like when they paint Trump supporters as nazis, racist, evil…….you know, the usual spiel.

None of these employees get fired, and no one even raises an eyebrow over at Disney when these things happen.

Some of these employees are past Disney employees, and cannot be disciplined (like Jack Morrissey), but his tweets give hints as to the overall political culture at Disney.

This is what these people think of us.

Take a look:

Don’t tell me this is THEE Jack Morrissey. “Famed” Disney producer Morrissey? Dear Lord…– Sarah Palin pic.twitter.com/XxX28AxBpQ

Fox News reported:

Carano, 38, has drawn ire in the past over a handful of political statements that have irked fans, such as messages about face masks and voter fraud. Her comments this week, however, created quite the divide among social media users, with some calling for the actress’ firing with the hashtag #FireGinaCarano while others ripped Disney — parent company to Lucasfilm and the “Star Wars” franchise — and its streaming service, Disney+.

But, the liberal Pascal, who has played the show’s title character, The Mandalorian, used the hashtag #ThisisAmerica to caption side-by-side images. The top image was said to show children confined by barbed wire in Nazi Germany circa 1944, while the bottom image was purported to be from the United States in 2018 — although multiple reports indicated the photo actually showed Palestinian children in the West Bank years earlier. Pascal’s 2018 message came at the height of a controversy over the “zero-tolerance” immigration policy under the Trump administration at the time.

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