• July 12, 2024

There’s A New “Beauty” Trend That Has Dentists Pulling Their Hair Out…

If you’re the kind of person who follows social media influencers, you probably already know about the trend of going abroad to get the perfect smile.

A peculiar trend emerged, one that enticed many with the promise of the “perfect smile.” As young stars of a platform were in a fierce race to outshine one another, desperate to capture the attention of millions, they sought new ways to stand out among their peers.

Now, many smaller influencers have even started displaying their shark teeth’ before having what are allegedly veneers fitted. Unaware of the grim consequences that awaited them, these bright-eyed youths began to file down their teeth.

These influencers transformed their teeth into tiny pegs, dreaming of porcelain veneers that would dazzle their audience. Some even went to greater lengths, opting for full sets of crowns, an expensive and fleeting solution that lasted merely a decade or so.

One day, Dr. Shaadi Manouchehri, a wise London-based dentist, spoke out against this dangerous fad. “She’s going to have dentures by the age of 40,” she lamented, commenting on a popular “veneer” blog. The villagers, engrossed in the platform, paid little heed to her words.

You see, full-coverage crowns required far more preparation than simple veneers, making them unsuitable for children and young people. To accommodate a crown, one had to shave their teeth down to mere nubs. Despite this, the thirst for TikTok fame led many to risk their dental health.

Dr. Emi Mawson, a compassionate dentist from Cornwall, tried to warn her many TikTok followers of the dangers that lurked in these “veneer” vlogs. “These are not veneer preparations. These are crown preparations, and there’s a big difference,” she cautioned.

The quest for fame and fortune often blinded these influencers to the well-being of their followers. Dentists, alarmed by the damage being done, stepped forward to alert the youth of the life-altering repercussions of such invasive dental procedures.

Understanding the distinction between veneers and crowns could save countless smiles. Yet, the TikTok influencers were not concerned with accuracy, as long as their fame continued to grow.

Dr. Zainab Mackie, a Detroit-based dentist, attempted to shed light on the matter.

“When you get veneers, most of your tooth is still there, only a little bit is shaved off,” she explained. “When you get crowns, your teeth are shaved down to little pegs.”

Veneers, she went on, required only half a millimeter of tooth reduction, while some didn’t need any preparation at all. Crowns, on the other hand, demanded the loss of several precious millimeters of irreplaceable enamel. “This is only done if there were cavities to take out or the teeth were already broken,” Dr. Mackie added.

Dr. Ben Winters, an Arkansas-based orthodontist, chimed in with a stark financial reality. “That’s gonna be like $20,000 every ten years, not to mention when you get a cavity,” he warned in a TikTok.

And so, a lesson emerged from this tale: Don’t believe everything that’s posted on TikTok. The influencers’ reckless pursuit of fame brought about unforeseen consequences, while dentists from far and wide tried to safeguard the health of these naive young souls. The fate of their perfect smiles hung in the balance, and only time would tell if their teeth would be saved from the perils of TikTok fame.



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