• April 13, 2024

There’s An Awful Truth About What They Put On Every McDonald’s Burger!

Do you want to know what they put on every McDonald’s burger? Probably not, because there is an awful truth behind it.

It’s no secret that McDonald’s does not want you to know everything that goes on behind the counter. There is a reason for the secrecy from this fast-food giant. Simply put, if all the customers knew the truth, they would probably be turned off from the food for the rest of their lives. However, there is at least one McDonald’s employee who has turned to the Chinese-created TikTok app in order to share a lesser-known fact about the chain’s use of onions on their menu items. Once you know this inconvenient truth, you just might think twice about ordering onions on your cheeseburgers and regular burgers from the nearest McDonald’s location.

TikTok user “Macca’s Myths” shared a short video where they revealed the truth about the onions at McDonald’s. They are claiming that both the large-sliced onions and the dehydrated onions are used to flavor the burgers that are sold at the fast-food joint. The reason that McDonald’s uses these two types of onions is to satisfy the taste buds of their customers at the time of purchase.

Although the person behind the Macca’s Myths channel only holds down a meager job at the fast food chain, they are drumming up a side business where they speak about the hidden secrets of the chain restaurant on TikTok’s platform. Often, this user will share some of the secrets they have gleaned from their time behind the counter at their McDonald’s location. They share this information with as many people as they can on the TikTok platform.

“At Macca’s, we have two types of onions. Large onions which have been cut up and dehydrated onions,” the employee wrote.

According to the TikTok user, McDonald has instructions for all their employees regarding the onions. Namely, they are supposed to place the dehydrated onions in a container closed with a lid overnight. The following morning, they will place the onions into an “onion shaker.” Daily Mail Australia did confirm that the burger chain will use dehydrated onions for most of their menu items.

Thus, the next time that you are at a McDonald’s and you are considering ordering a menu item that has been topped with onions, you should know that yes, you have a choice of either fresh or dehydrated onions. A lot of people were shocked to learn this.

“I way prefer diced onions over slivered,” one person wrote.

Another TikTok user added: “The diced onions taste so good, though.”

“I rehydrate onion flakes for my burgers at home because my kids say it ‘tastes just like McDonald’s!’” a third added.

This employee video has caused a stir on social media, to say the least.

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