• June 24, 2024

These Are The Top Three Traitors To The GOP…..

It’s time for some changes at this party. We’ve been so focused on the Dems, that we’ve forgotten that the people supposedly on our side are the worst scum in the swamp and our most dangerous enemies.

Yes, we took down some RINOs in the primaries, but that was just a small part of this much bigger saga. The real issue we face right now is three dirtbags. There are three specific traitors who need to either be fired, voted out, or lose their leadership power.

Let’s begin with a woman that nobody talks about enough.

The third “McTraitor” in all of this mess.

Ronna McDaniel

This traitor has got to go. This woman is as phony and fake as they get. She’s every bit her uncle’s niece (Mitt Romney), even though we didn’t want to believe it. Ronna will never back “MAGA” candidates. She’s too busy working with McCarthy and McConnell to thwart President Trump and rig elections.

If you’ll recall, this is the same woman who hasn’t said a peep about 2020. How can the head of the Republican National Committee not stand up for voting rights, when 90 percent of her party thinks there was cheating?

And in her latest efforts to get Trump NOT to run, Ronna has announced that the RNC will no longer pay his legal fees if he decides to run in 2024.

Ronna McDaniel, the chairwoman of the Republican National Committee, stated to CNN on Sunday that the group would be unable to cover former President Trump’s legal costs should he decide to run for president in 2024.

Last year, the RNC’s executive committee acknowledged paying legal fees “that relate to politically motivated legal proceedings waged against President Trump,” and more recently, the committee has paid for Trump’s defense against inquiries made by the Democratic candidates for attorney general of New York, Letitia James and Cy Vance Jr. of Manhattan (D).

This woman needs to go. She’s pushing and toeing the establishment line like it’s her only focus in life.

Next up is McCarthy.

Kevin McCarthy is a scumbag, and he has many people fooled, including President Trump. But I hope Trump has come around and can see the light by now. McCarthy is not America First, and he never has been. He’s a tried-and-true establishment hack, and if he is the Speaker of The House, nothing will get done.

Anthony Sabatini, who was a STAUNCH MAGA candidate, and who lost his primary, had this to say about McCarthy:

Kevin McCarthy spent close to $10 Million going after me, Joe Kent, and 6 other Republicans in their primary elections That money could’ve been spent lifting up the Republicans we just saw lose McCarthy is a failed disgrace & must NOT become Speaker

He simply can’t be a “leader” in this party anymore. We must fight this tooth and nail.

The next bum who needs to go is Mitch McConnell, he can’t be the leader (if we end up with the Senate) or minority leader. Nobody is working harder to thwart Trump and end MAGA than Mitch McConnell. Just like McCarthy, he pulled funds, moved funds, and did all he could to sabotage MAGA candidates, just so he could deliver a blow to President Trump.

He absolutely must go.

Also, I think this next tweet really summed up what happened rather nicely to those of us living in blue states.

“Last night was a gut-punch & reality check for many conservatives in blue states. Democrats like crime, inflation, lockdowns, & grooming and they’re not going anywhere. Midterms will cause more conservatives to migrate to red states. The Great Balkanization continues.”


We are just too polarized as a country and mail-in ballots and ballot harvesting have really changed the game.

But for the GOP, I think the biggest issue was that Trump’s candidates were not only fighting Dems; they were also fighting Republicans, who were feverishly working behind the scenes to make sure MAGA candidates did not win. People like McCarthy and McConnell and McDaniel were actually plotting and sabotaging America First candidates, to take down Trump.

That’s how evil our own party is. But the Dems do it too. Look what they did to the Bernie movement and even some of the progressives are now getting pummeled in primaries.

Please, do not give another dime to the RNC, GOP, or any SuperPACs.

The best way we can flex our power is by withholding our money and dumping these three traitors.

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