• May 30, 2024

They Asked People Why They Voted For Biden, And Their Answers Were… [VIDEO]

Yes, we all know liberals are dumb. And it’s not that they’re dumb about school or their work. They are just really dumb when it comes to politics. It’s a low-info problem. They’re clueless on issues. They have ankle-deep knowledge and just regurgitate propaganda and misinformation from the media. I kid you not. When I go online, I still see swarms of left-wing nuts pushing the Russia hoax. These whackos still believe Putin was calling the shots while Trump was in office. It’s amazing to see. And the media makes fun of QAnon folks? These left-wingers have so many conspiracies that it’s hard to keep track. And it’s all based on the Stage 5 TDS that has infected the entire Dem Party.

So, it’s not a surprise that many of these people (not 81 million) voted for a man with raging dementia over President Trump. They would gladly trade in their comfortable life, with high wages and happy Americans, to be ruled by an Alzheimer’s tyrant who turns the country upside down with high inflation, low wages, a sagging economy, and outrageous violence. And that’s because these kooks have been conditioned to believe that Orange Mad Bad. He’s the worst man in all the world and must be stopped at any cost.

This is what Stage 5 TDS does to a person. It makes them completely irrational and insane.

Dear God. Here’s what people online are saying:

“I don’t follow politics.” Yeah, no kidding. That’s why you’re a Democrat”

“This is why we need written tests before voting.”

“Just shows you how well the media works. When they lie, the mindless masses believe them.”

“people are so stupid, it’s amazing they remember to breathe ” ~ Bob Dylan 1977″

“I would love to know why they say no to Trump. They need to produce the facts and not just paraphrase what they heard from the media.”

“This is why voting is meant to be a honor awarded to those who participate in a major way to society like farmers or soldiers or fighting aged males. No reasonable society in history gave every person a vote because there is nothing at risk for them. A successful land owner or a soldier who could die risks something for the nation and therefore votes logically and unemotionally.”

Leftist: “Better than Trump.” Me: “How?” Leftist: :::gurgle, spit, “Reeeeeee….”

“it’s much more important to get the hair right and feel cool and with the in crowd than it is to actually know anything. So this is our future? “

“God help us all. People are weak minded – they follow the sheep, even if that means walking off a cliff to their death.”

“It’s so sad to see these beautiful people side against a man who had their well being at heart and has done more than any other President in recent history to give them a better future. They actually believed the propaganda whole heartedly and now they are blind on how much worse it is in this country and the world. GO TRUMP!”

“This really shows how extremely uninformed, easily mislead, and how these people are so naive! It’s very sad to watch. I wish I can have the opportunity to speak with all of them individually to help them see the truth!”

“The Framers of our Constitution greatly feared giving voting power to the population as a whole. They understood how fickle, how uninformed, how tremendously irrational and sectarian many people can be. Today’s democrats prove that fear was well founded.”

“My mind hurts watching these people smart with phone and jobs. Not noticing a difference in two years. I wish I was so clueless and not worried.”

“Well it is quite complicated to be fair, and it is a lot easier to just mindlessly follow whatever your friends/favourite celebrity tells you to.”

In case you’re wondering, this is why we call the media the “enemy of the people.” They are destroying the country with this propaganda nonsense they spread.

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