• July 12, 2024

They Found A Young Boy At The Border, the Note They Found On him Is Beyond Disturbing…

As the crisis on the southern border worsens, a heartbreaking video has emerged, shedding light on the true consequences of failing to enforce the law.

Jorge Ventura, a Newsnation journalist, posted a video on Twitter on Tuesday showing Texas state police officers near a border encountering a young unaccompanied migrant boy from Central America who had been discovered by another migrant woman.

He was attempting to enter Texas, according to the woman who discovered him. But things quickly deteriorated. When police searched the boy, they discovered a fake ID with a Louisiana address and directions to where he was supposed to go.



According to the ID they found on him, a grown-up had sent him on that dangerous journey alone to meet someone in the United States, presumably in Louisiana.

What makes this even more disturbing is that he was met by a group of Chinese nationals who had crossed illegally into Texas, demonstrating that the problem at the southern border has grown far beyond immigration from Central America.

People naturally reacted to the heartbreaking video by expressing their sadness and disgust that someone could allow a small child to cross the dangerous and illegal border by himself.


One Twitter user, however, explicitly stated who he believes is responsible for this unfortunate event: the Biden administration. “This is heartbreaking… The current administration has directly cause this mess!”

He is completely correct; the blame for this can be directly attributed to Joe Biden’s refusal to enforce immigration laws.

As the southern border remains open and more illegal immigrants are allowed to enter the country, it is well documented that this has a negative impact on the safety of Americans living near the border and the country as a whole.

However, what is perhaps less well-documented is the fact that these policies also harm migrants by incentivizing them to embark on an illegal and dangerous journey that could cost them their lives.

This young child is a living example of this. Fortunately, it appears that Texas state police were able to locate the young boy before anything bad happened to him. But not everyone is so fortunate.

These young unaccompanied minors are prime targets for smugglers and human traffickers. Whoever forced this boy to embark on this journey put his life in grave danger.

If the Biden administration truly cared about migrants’ well-being, it would enforce immigration laws and disincentivize migrants from making these dangerous and often pointless journeys.


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