• May 30, 2024

They Just Asked Them How Biden Is Doing. Joe Is On The Ropes!

A poll released as chaos continues to reign at the US-Mexico border and shows that more than half of Americans disapprove of President Biden’s handling of immigration.

Americans disapprove of how President Joe Biden is handling a growing child migrant crisis on the United States-Mexico border according to three new polls. This shows the president’s approval is below 50% on illegal immigration despite administration efforts to downplay the issue.

While voters are generally bullish on Biden’s overall job performance, he is, after all, in a honeymoon period, having been in office just two months — nearly half of voters polled believe Biden is moving in the wrong direction on immigration and border control. According to Morning Consult reports

The nationwide NPR/Marist poll surveyed 1,309 adults via phone between March 22 and 25.

Biden’s grades on immigration remain vulnerability while cracking the 50-per cent mark on his overall approval rating, as well as his handling of the economy and coronavirus pandemic.

Compared to just 34 percent who approve, Fifty-three percent of respondents said that they disapprove of Biden’s work on immigration.

The criticism was not strictly partisan either, as Biden barely earned a passing mark from members of his party.

Sixty-six percent of respondents who identified as Democrats said they approve of Biden’s immigration work, compared to nearly a quarter, 23 percent, who said they disapprove.

The outlet reported on Wednesday. “According to a new Morning Consult/Politico poll, 49 percent of voters disapprove of Biden’s handling of immigration issues, up 8 percentage points since mid-March, while 40 percent approve, down 6 points over the same time period.”

Morning Consult noted that the change is coming, in large part, from the left, and that Democrats are becoming increasingly concerned about what appears to be an immigration crisis on the southern border.

“The rapid movement came from across the political spectrum, with the share of Democrats who disapprove of his handling of immigration increasing 11 points (to 20 percent), and the share of Republicans who said the same up 7 points (to 84 percent), since Biden took office,” Morning Consult said.

The influx has only increased in volume, while the White House response has been marked with confusion over who’s running the show and a lack of transparency unseen in previous administrations, despite Biden’s repeated promises that help is coming.


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