• June 24, 2024

They Started Robbing A Cop’s House, Then The Saw The Red Light…

I recently witnessed a shocking and disheartening video of police officers robbing a home. This occurred in October 2022, but I had never seen the video until today.

I went to see if it was true, and sure enough, there’s an article about it from October 2022. It’s true.

These cops did steal from a house, and the only reason they were caught was that the female officer inadvertently turned on her bodycam, which recorded the entire thing.

Isn’t it time to talk about Karma?

Yahoo News reported:

In a weird turn of events, a routine eviction search has left three police officers charged with theft. According to KETK, a landlord in Tyler, Texas, contacted authorities to assist in evicting a resident. Constable Curtis Harris and his two deputies, LaQuenda Banks and Derrick Holman, arrived at the property.

The search should’ve been the first step in turning over the keys, but thanks to a mistake on behalf of Chief Deputy Banks, we see the officers weren’t on the right side of the law that day.

Twitter user @Imposter_Edits posted bodycam footage of Deputy Banks unknowingly filming the three officers stealing items from the home.

The recording starts with Deputy Banks in the bathroom of the home. You can see her reflection in the mirror as she searches the area and places items in her shirt. Banks says, “I cut it off,” followed by the sound of her body camera accidentally being turned on. As the officers move throughout the home, they continue to scavenge through the items.

“Oh, Raybans,” Banks says as she removes the designer sunglasses from their case. Banks is then heard telling someone, “Hold on, don’t come down here.” Although they are not seen on camera, it is later identified to be the owner of the home.

SergeantHolman detains the landlord in another part of the home while his counterparts continue to pick over items.

Upstairs, Harris and Banks are removing items from the closet. Harris hands her a watch display case and Banks unzips a pocket on her shirt, placing four watches inside. Harris can be heard telling her, “Take that s**t.”

Banks also proceeds to stuff .22-caliber ammunition and an Apple iPod box into her uniform shirt.

The officers hastily begin to open purses and wallets in the closet and remove money. Banks is seen handing Harris a wallet with money and she says, “Some more money.”

The duo leaves the bedroom after the landlord is demanding to see what the officers are doing and mentions involving a lawyer.

To justify the lengthy search, Harris, and Banks tell the woman they found “cocaine, marijuana, and paraphernalia” and that she needs to wait outside while they finish searching the home.

Banks, Harris and Holman are then recorded leaving the home and returning to their police vehicle, where they unload everything they stole.



But Karma always has a way of making things “right.”

I looked for an update on their charges, but I couldn’t find one.



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