• July 12, 2024

They Were Preparing To Sit Down For Dinner, Then Cops Found Them Dead. The Reason Is…

A young couple suddenly and mysteriously died together in their Michigan home.

Police are investigating Courtney Hulett’s, 20, and Cameron Hulett’s, 28, mysterious deaths; The Dundee, Michigan, couple was found dead late Tuesday on the floor right by their kitchen table where a Taco Bell meal was left completely untouched, Monroe News reports.

A neighbor who stopped by their apartment around 9 p.m. believed Courtney and Cameron, who were ultimately found on their side and facedown respectively, to be sleeping.

When she checked in again three hours later and saw they hadn’t moved at all, she called the police.

“It’s really a puzzle,” Dundee Village Manager Dave Uhl told Monroe News. “There is no indication as to what happened. It’s a mystery.”

Their bodies showed no obvious trauma, and autopsy results are pending. The couple’s family says drugs could be a factor, but police still don’t know what happened.

“It’s really a puzzle,” Dundee Village Manager Dave Uhl told the Monroe News. “There is no indication as to what happened. It’s a mystery.”

The couple had been going through the process of dividing up the massive amount of cannabis that they were going to distribute to other people.

Cameron’s mother, Cheryl Harris, says he and Courtney had not been doing well since their two young sons, a 4-month-old and 1-year-old, were put into foster care.

“It was devastating to them,” she says. “They called me bawling their eyes out.”

There are no signs of trauma or a break-in that would’ve indicated foul play. Because of the lack of evidence, police do not believe that a third party was involved in the couple’s untimely death.

Meanwhile, the state’s Child Protective Services recently removed two young children from the same apartment. They had been living in Dundee for only about six weeks at the time of their untimely deaths.

More from AWM:

Reports indicate that Cameron was a repeat offender. He had a criminal history of possession of marijuana plus an additional conviction on an assault charge, indicating that he could have been a dangerous person in the drug world.

The fact that the couple had recently lost custody of their children may have put a strain on them. This, in addition to the large number of drugs they were dealing with, could have led to their deaths.

At this time, authorities are still waiting on toxicology results to come back before they can determine an official cause of death for the couple. The Hulet’s sudden and mysterious death has left their loved ones, as well as the small community of Dundee, Michigan, grieving and confused.

Sources: AWM, Monroe News

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