• July 18, 2024

This Idiot Attempted The World’s Largest Jager Bomb And It Didn’t End Well

The Internet is a fascinating place. A place for educating yourself on whatever you see fit – whether that be philosophy, literature, or even porn.

The Internet is also a place for absolute nutjobs to correlate and share videos of themselves doing incredibly stupid shit.

One of these fellows is a man known as The Pirate, from Pirate Land, and he thought it would be an absolutely swell idea to make the biggest Jagerbomb in eternity and swallow every last drop.

It sounds like an absolute ball of a time, of course, and after watching Ernest Acosta downing a full bottle of Jack Daniels before collapsing into a half-unconscious vomitty daze, it serves only as further proof that drinking the biggest Jagerbomb in the world is perhaps the best idea since the Earl of Sandwich created the sandwich.


After somehow discovering the holy grail of all massive glasses, The Pirate proceeds to fill it with three cans of Monster, closely followed by a bottle of Jager.


After a short pause, The Pirate puts his lips around the rim of the glass and fills his mouth with what he can only describe as ‘sugary Jager’. Beautiful.

He takes his time to drink the lot – frequently pausing to let out a few mouthfuls of vomit wallow out of his gaping gullet – but eventually that once full glass becomes an empty one, while The Pirate lets out an inhuman amount of spew.


Oh, and then he falls asleep on the floor beside his pet dog.

So if watching a guy drink something which is essentially heart attack juice sounds like your kind of thing, then go right ahead and press play – but don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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