• May 27, 2024

This Man Was Attacked By ANTIFA THUGS And He Was The One That Got ARRESTED!

One thing that I was always told when I was a kid was that if it ever looked like I was going to get into a fight that I was to let the guy throw the first punch, duck, or dodge out of the way and then pound him into the ground. That way it would be regarded as me just defending myself.

Well, under the way that liberals like to administer laws, the guy would have ripped my ear off and they would have still arrested me….

Anyway, the thing about liberal organizations is that they seem to get a free pass for all of the hateful stuff that they do and it’s about time that comes to an end.

An older man was driving in Salem, Oregon when he came under attack by antifa terrorists. They hit his truck with all kinds of debris that broke out his windows and hitting his body. He got out of his truck as the antifa goons continued to bounce off his truck and him. He pulled out a gun and the terrorists backed off big time. They thought he was an easy mark which turned out to be a major miscalculation.

Soon, the police came running to the scene and remember this is the People’s Republic of Oregon, so naturally, the police arrested the old man trying to defend himself as the terrorists laughed and applauded the action of the corrupt police force.

Blue states do not recognize self-defense as an excuse.

The Governor of Oregon, Kate Brown is a long-time backer of antifa and she objected to the feds who defended the federal courthouse in Portland.

The police forced the old man to the ground on the pavement and they took him off to jail.

They returned him to his badly damaged truck later but we don’t know if he has been charged with a crime or not. But, what we do know is that Antifa thugs got off without so much as a warning.

One Twitter user called conservatives ‘cowards’ because one old man was willing to take on an entire group of antifa thugs who attacked him.

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