• July 19, 2024

Top Car Companies Have Taken Their Twitter Boycott To Yet Another Level.

The far-left liberals are losing their collective minds after Elon Musk has taken over Twitter.

It seems to be a childish way to conduct themselves, but it is their freedom to act as fools.

However, it is completely absurd when we see companies going out of their way to alienate potential consumers and customers they already have.

For example, Audi and GM are protesting the new Twitter leadership by pulling their advertisements from the social media site.

Not only that, but they are also refusing to post anything on Twitter, but will only respond to comments that those make.

Of course, that is their right to do, but they seem to have forgotten something.

The manufacturers forgot to take one important fact into consideration, however — not all of their potential customers are woke leftists who hate the new Twitter management.

One Twitter user called Hill Country John wrote on Twitter, “@Audi, all of your customers are not woke, leftists. We will certainly consider this political move the next time we buy a vehicle. (please see my home page picture).”

Audi itself responded to the user’s tweet, saying, “We regret to hear of your dissatisfaction and invite you to DM us if we can be of assistance.”

John responded to Audi, saying, “If my DM could change this childish decision by Volkswagen I certainly would. My public display of disappointment will have to suffice.”

Other users also responded to John’s tweet by pointing out that it is bad business for GM and Audi to be alienating millions of customers who may not share their political views and that they will consider this when buying a new car.

Audi and GM now join the ranks of other leftists in journalism, politics and the corporate world, who have tried to take a brilliant dig at Elon Musk, only for it to backfire spectacularly.

Last Monday, Mike Sington, an executive at NBC Universal, slammed Musk for criticizing Apple while using an iPhone but was roasted by Twitter users pointing out that he was criticizing Twitter while using the platform.

Elon Musk is shaking up the corporate world with his acquisition of Twitter. He now owns one of the biggest companies on the planet, meaning that the left no longer has complete domination over corporate America.

Musk, unlike many of his counterparts, seems to understand that not everyone is a woke leftist and is taking great pains to ensure that Twitter leaves its woke past behind and becomes a politically neutral corporation.

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