• December 1, 2023

Trump Entered The World’s Most Famous Arena And It’s CLEAR Who People Want To Have As….

At Madison Square Garden, you have a former U.S. president, a rap/rock/country hybrid star, a former Fox News personality, and the CEO of the largest mixed martial arts promotion in the world.

That’s not the start of a terrible joke; it’s just a taste of the chaos that ensued inside “The World’s Most Famous Arena” on Saturday night for UFC 295 when Donald Trump, Kid Rock, Tucker Carlson, and Dana White all showed up.

The star-studded quartet made their entrance to Kid Rock’s 2000 blockbuster hit “American Bada**,” adding to the bizarre, pro-wrestling vibe of the moment.

(In a delightful irony, The Undertaker, a legend in the WWE, also used the Kid Rock song as his entrance music; this is the same man whose own entrance once gave WWE superfan Donald Trump a slight case of stage fright.)

For yourself (courtesy of Tucker Carlson, who appeared happy to be there), check out the rock-star-worthy entrance in the gallery below:

There are a few essential things to point out in the above clip.

First of all, while it’s true that four genuine stars emerged together on the tape, it’s also hard to deny that one of them dominates the rest.

One can hear a fan scream, “That’s Donald Trump!” as the crowd goes wild upon seeing the former president’s signature bronzed hand wave for the first time.

Even Trump’s most ardent detractors have to admit that, even when juxtaposed with a real rock star.

Secondly, and probably more importantly, it can’t be emphasized enough that Trump received this resounding applause in New York City. Say what you will about UFC crowds leaning more conservative than your normal athletic event crowd, but it’s hard to deny that Trump received this ovation.

New York City is the epicenter of East Coast far-left hysteria.

This fervent response was directed at Trump, the most likely Republican presidential nominee in the 2024 general election.

The future looks bleak for the current president.

Third, if skeptics were thinking this was an isolated incident, they’d be wrong.

When Trump walked up at UFC 290 in July, he received such deafening applause that it even left the commentators struggling to describe it.

Now, it should be noted that Trump has always had a lot of support from the UFC, its fans, and its stars.

How loud would the cheering be if he attended, say, a Golden State Warriors game? Most likely, no.

It would be untrue to ignore the fact that NBA fans are more politically progressive than those of any other sports league.

The UFC, on the other hand, features fighters from every corner of the ideological map. It’s just as likely that you’ll hit a wild lefty nut in a UFC crowd as it is that you’ll hit a solid conservative patriot.

Which is all to say: Dismiss Trump’s supernova popularity at your peril.

You can’t deny the man’s widespread appeal among the general public.

In the year 2024, this is fantastic news for Republicans. And it’s bad news for the Democrats, to say the least.

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