• January 14, 2022

UGH! Sleepy Joe Thinks We Should Teach The Islam Faith in Our Public Schools!

Apparently, Sleepy Joe had enough brain activity left in his deteriorating mind to attend the “Million Muslim Voters” summit, and that is where he said, “I wish teachers taught about the Muslim faith in our schools a lot more than they do.”
Whoa….why the sudden change of face, Joe? This is a man who has spent years trying to remove Christianity in our schools, and now he is trying to promote a different faith altogether in our schools. However, Biden’s vacant mind quickly caught on to the error, and he did attempt to backtrack, saying, “We need to talk almost all of these unique confessional faiths. Islam is one of those well-known confessional faiths.”
This particular summit was hosted by Engage Action, which is known as the nation’s largest Muslim-American PAC. To say that this organization is far left would be like saying that the Pope is Catholic. Moreover, they are not only extremely liberal to the point of nausea, but they align perfectly with not just Joe Biden but with his former political rival Bernie Sanders as well. Indeed, this PAC had first endorsed Sanders before the Democrats nominated Biden.


Interestingly enough, for this political action committee Joe Biden wasn’t even the guest of honor even though he is a candidate for U.S. president. That honor would go to one Linda Sarsour, who is very well-respected among the members of this Muslim PAC. Why, you ask? Well, she is completely anti-Semitic in every aspect of her life! 

Of course, the fact that Joe Biden would go anywhere near this terribly bigoted Muslim PAC illustrates just how incredibly corrupt the Democrats have become. It is just like David Mamet has said: modern liberals have to pretend “not to know things” to continue to promote their “illogical arguments.” 

This PAC is one of many liberal groups that has no problem calling patriotic conservative Americans fascist and then also demands they have total silence as well. Indeed, the Founding Fathers and the other individuals involved in crafting the First 

Amendment must be turning over in their graves right now! 

However, it doesn’t matter to Democrat voters, because this cancerous ideology continues to resonate with them in a strong and powerful way. 

Seriously, do these people really think that a Biden Administration is going to heal the terrible divisions our country is going through? That is only delusional, irrational thinking at its finest, folks. 

If Christian and Jewish voters weren’t aware of it before, let’s hope that this is a huge wake-up call for them and for the rest of us as well. The 2020 election is one of the most important in our lifetimes. Are we going to continue to make progress against the far left or are we going to continue to let their far-left cancer continue to ruin our country until it is an unrecognizable dystopia? The choice is ours. Vote Trump/Pence and we will continue to have a free country. Vote Biden, well, not so much…

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