• July 18, 2024

Veteran Writes Open Letter To Ted Cruz- And It’s Going Extremely Viral

The following are excerpts are from a letter written by Army airborne veteran, Joshua Nybo. Not all conservatives trust Donald Trump, and they are not willing to suspend principles for someone that does not line up with them.

It’s quite similar to what Supporters of Trump feel. They refuse to vote for another D.C. politician, and I’m with them. But I believe the #NeverTrump crowd also refuse to vote for the lesser of two evils. They are sick of it.

I am writing this letter to express my opinion, and offer my advice for your consideration, regarding the current speculation regarding the potential of some sort of collaboration or rapprochement between you and Mr. Donald Trump. I am writing this also in case you are considering succumbing to the well-known pressure from the entrenched party elites to endorse Mr. Trump in the name of “unity” of a political party. I am writing as one who is also being surrounded by clamor to pay homage to a golden calf, and to embrace ideas that I have always opposed, and renounce other ideas that I have held in higher regard than any party or organization. I am writing this as an open letter as well, for any who may desire words to consider regarding what we, who have thought ourselves lifelong Christians and conservatives, ought to do, now that our party (or former party) has seen fit to anoint a man utterly repulsive to everything we stand for, as its presumptive nominee.

I am not a man of such prose and eloquence so as to fully capture all the reasons why acquiescence in this would be terrible, but I will attempt anyway. Perhaps I need only point to the example of Dr. Ben Carson, who has sullied himself with the naïve notion that lending his good name and character to a man of Mr. Trump’s stripe will somehow benefit him, or America, or anyone except Mr. Trump. What has since become of him? Has Mr. Trump apologized to him even once, even in private, for comparing him with a child molester?

If you agreed to a similar fate, you would utterly cease to know what stature and respect you currently command, even in your difficulties. You would fade from all respect both in the eyes of the principle and the eyes of politics, as you would cease to stand out. You would simply be merely another anonymous face in the crowd of sycophants at a king’s court. By failing to be distinct, or principled, and merging with the vast sea of those who are cynical and corrupt, you would fail to be noteworthy any further. In addition, you would be accepting him and all the base lies he has spewed about you (and still worse, your wife and father, among others).

If you carry on the fight, however, know that you will undoubtedly pay a heavy price. Successful in the election or not, be assured that Mr. Trump and the leadership of the Republican Party, the same establishment that Mr. Trump has railed against in feigned outrage, will seek to end your career and public service. You will, like the rest of us who have refused to prostrate ourselves before him, be called a traitor, a coward, a spoilsport, a poor loser, and a shill for Hillary Clinton. Do not be deterred! Some have said that it is time to bend our knee to their messiah, that he may bring forth his contradictory and vague utopia. This I cannot do, as I know of only one messiah, and He has not walked among us for some two thousand years.

If we are too cowardly to stand against the wind, then who can we count on to do so in the future? When the time comes for an even more abject surrender of whatever pitiful shreds are left, what example shall we leave them, if we demonstrate that at the crucial hour, we simpered quietly and obediently in pathetic moral weakness? Will we be looked upon as the men of Munich are, as the men of Vichy are: collaborators in our own debasement and destruction? Will they ask why there was not even one last besieged outpost of the values that the nation was built upon? Will they even know what those values are, if we allow our backs to sag now, our nerves to fail us, and meekly accept the easy wrong over the hard right?

It may be that God has already determined this to be an hour of testing and trial. Perhaps the likes of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Donald Trump, and worse, are foreordained, and that their madness must come into the world, and, for a time, lead America into a dark wilderness. Woe to us, however, if we should aid and abet such malcontents with our silence and complacence! To paraphrase the immortal words of Martin Treptow: we must act as if the whole issue of the struggle depended on each of us alone. If the last public holdouts of decency, liberty, tradition, and faith sell out, then that cause will be dealt a debilitating blow from which it may not recover. Even if it does, we would all do well to recall the warning of Mordecai to Esther: that relief and succor may come even if we refuse this cup, but it will fail to absolve our guilt, nor cleanse the tiniest amount of our disgrace.

It is in light of these reflections that I prevail upon you to stay the course, to maintain the fight, to be the leader America needs, even if that does not bring you to the White House or other pinnacles of worldly power. While you must never succumb to the hubris that has become the hallmark of this interloper, I implore you to endeavor to be the last major voice of our American cause, especially if none other is able or willing to take that mantle or bear that wearisome burden. Even if the only person standing with you for our values, our principles, our basic American way of life, is me (and certainly I am not alone), then nevertheless stand you must!

Joshua Nybo

Now it is true that Ted Cruz is no longer in the race, and Donald Trump has reached the 1,237 majority vote. But it’s not over. If Trump wants the votes of the Constitutionalist, and the principled conservative, he’s going to have to earn it still.

This veteran has a point. Ted Cruz set himself apart as a man that stood against Washington the whole way. Being the only senator to stand against Obamacare on the senate floor. He is a principled man, and for him to go against that, would be a betrayal to his character, and his integrity.

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