• June 20, 2024

Violent Husband Caught VICIOUSLY BEATING His Wife In Public

Every husband should know how to take care of their wife. From the day that they married their wife he has his whole responsibility of his family as they are always serve as the wall of every home.

But maybe not with this guy, this video was filmed by their neighbor from southern shanghai, China.
The husband in this video was hurting his own wife in front of their house. The guy won’t even stop from punching and kicking his wife even a lot of people are witnessing their fight.

A lot of neighbor tries to stop this violent husband from hurting his wife. But, whenever they approach to stop him, husband will hit them as well with numerous punches and kicks.

This thing is really unacceptable to everyone, that’s why when it was uploaded to social media , many are giving their bad opinion about their relationship. Watch how rude this husband is.

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