• July 12, 2024

Violent Member Of The Biden Crime Family Has Been OFFICIALLY Booted From The White House..

President Joe Biden has banned his dog, Commander, from the White House following repeated biting incidents, one of which exceeded the 11 reported to date, according to reports.

“Commander is not presently on the White House campus while next steps are evaluated,” Elizabeth Alexander, spokeswoman for first lady Jill Biden, said in a statement, according to NBC News.

“The president and first lady care deeply about the safety of those who work at the White House and those who protect them every day. They remain grateful for the patience and support of the U.S. Secret Service and all involved, as they continue to work through solutions,” Alexander said.

Commander follows Major, a previous Biden family dog, in being barred from the White House due to biting issues.

Judicial Watch obtained papers in July through a Freedom of Information Act request that revealed Secret Service officers had been bitten many times, with one incident necessitating a trip to a D.C. hospital.

According to CNN, more people have been bitten than the 11 reported incidents, with bites ranging from one serious enough to require hospital care to others that were never reported. According to CNN, the most recent bite occurred on September 25.

According to Secret Service Chief of Communications Anthony Guglielmi, no complete figure exists.

The White House has refused to respond to CNN’s request about the number of biting incidents involving Commander.

According to the outlet, a “source familiar with the president’s Secret Service detail” told him that the summer saw a rash of biting events.

Ryan Bulson, head of Mid-Atlantic German Shepherd Rescue and a local dog trainer, told CNN that the canines lacked a routine.

“It’s a German shepherd. They need structure. They need consistency. They need boundaries. They are a guardian breed. … When you’re looking at different people holding that leash, I would guarantee that there is no consistency amongst all of them,” Bulson said.

“It doesn’t matter if we were talking about the president, the pope, it doesn’t matter to me. I take that title out of the equation. I look at the dog. … At the end of the day, I feel the worst for the dog first. Second of all, I feel just as bad for the people that dog had bitten. Because the dog has been set up to fail. If you can’t give the dog what the dog needs, then get a goldfish,” he said.

Bulson stated that it would be up to the Bidens to train their dog.

“If they don’t, as the humans, change their behaviors, then yes, it’s too late. They’re going to have to change their behaviors first before you can even think about changing the dog’s behaviors. Because they’re enabling, that’s what it boils down to,” he said.

“If they don’t change the way they handle and care for the dog … and learn and make a conscious effort to and legitimately say, ‘I am going to change my ways to set the dog up for success,’ if they can’t do that, that dog’s never going to be able to be helped in their care. They have to make that decision,” Bulson said.

The Daily Mail recently revealed images of Commander with Dale Haney, the supervisor of the White House grounds. Commander’s teeth were around Haney’s left forearm, which he was holding out.

A senior White House official told NBC News that Haney downplayed the incident.

“Commander was being playful, and there was no bite, no pressure of teeth on his skin, no mark — just some dog slobber,” the official quoted Haney as saying.


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