• July 16, 2024

VOTERS DESERVE TO KNOW– New Viral Video Exposes the TRUTH About Donald Trump… WATCH!

The mainstream media will never, ever show this Donald Trump video. An honest portrayal of the honorable Republican candidate does not fit their obvious ultimate goal—getting Hillary Clinton elected.

The now viral video of Donald Trump helping Hillary Clinton with her chair during the Alfred E. Smith charity dinner clearly illustrates the billionaire businessman was raised to be well-mannered. The small act of kindness should be applauded, especially after such a divisive campaign.

Although Donald Trump has been praised for behaving like an absolute gentleman during the charity dinner, the tide may turn now. Now that many have seen Trump’s kindness through this viral video, liberals will likely go into attack mode.

Liberal feminists will especially chastise Donald Trump for his good manners, asserting that he’s being “chivalrous” instead. By this, they’ll mean to imply that Trump’s helping hand is condescending to Clinton instead of the gesture of human decency. But, surely, these liberal feminists would applaud Clinton if she helped Trump with his chair. What double standards!

If the mainstream media feel forced to show the video due to all the attention it is getting online, it will surely not be discussed in a magnanimous manner. So-called “experts” will read far more into the gesture than was ever intended and do so in a purely negative way.

The Hillary Clinton surrogate who appears fond of calling herself a “lesbian American,” Christine Quinn, will likely be one of the loudest voices on the stage if CNN brings her forth to comment on this Hillary Clinton chair scenario. The liberal commentator and her ilk will think Donald Trump was again lurking too close to the career politician and seizing an opportunity to demean her in a sexist manner.

Did Hillary not notice it was Donald Trump’s hand helping her with her chair? Maybe she just was not raised with enough manners to even manage a nod of thanks? Or perhaps she was sitting down so abruptly due to her secret illness and didn’t want to draw attention to herself by thanking Trump for his gesture?

No matter Hillary’s behavior, it was very refreshing to see Trump’s instinctive act of gentlemanly behavior, especially from a presidential candidate. The Republican likely opens many a door and pulls out chairs for ladies on a routine basis—those acts are just not typically caught on camera.

In just a short matter of days, Americans will elect our next president. We can choose a tough-talking patriot who is willing to be gracious to an opponent.

Or, we can vote for yet another career politician who wants to put a hand in our pockets, disparage the American people, and trample upon our constitutional rights. We cannot survive another four years of a Democrat at the helm!

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