• July 19, 2024

Wait, What? TikTok Just Said They Have An Election Integrity Plan?

Before the midterm elections, TikTok devised a plan to handle “election misinformation.” To maintain only “genuine content,” the social media platform will flag information relevant to the midterm elections and block political posts that cannot be verified through their system, according to Eric Han, the company’s Head of U.S. Safety, in a blog post published on Wednesday.

Han states that anything being fact-checked or that cannot be proved will not be allowed to appear in “For You” feeds in a section about “enforcing” the company’s regulations. Users who attempt to publish unverified content will be alerted to their actions and asked if they are sure they want to submit such stuff.

“Out of excess caution, content is ineligible for recommendation into For You feeds while it is fact-checked or when content cannot be verified by fact-checking. According to the blog post, we also alert viewers to unsupported content and nudge them to think twice before disseminating potentially inaccurate information.

TikTok forbids paid political advertisements on its platforms, and if any are found through users, the posts will be taken down.

The post states, “TikTok does not allow paid political adverts, including content influencers are paid to create.

Establishing an Elections Center, which will offer details on various elections, is one of the additional measures TikTok has taken to combat what they call “election misinformation.”

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