• June 15, 2024

WATCH – ‘Black Lives’ Thugs HUNT DOWN White People, Then Do The UNTHINKABLE

You have already read this phrase on here many times already, but it bears repeating. Black Lives Matter is a farce!

The video you are about to watch shows something Dems really need to see about their precious BLM movement… that they are very dangerous radicals and are out to beat White people at every opportunity…

This particular video was shot in Milwaukee during the August riots, but it could have just as likely been in Tulsa or Charlotte.

Does “They’re white! Come on nigga! Burn that bitch up” sound like a peaceful statement to you?

Because to me, that sounds like someone is telling his thug friends to go chase someone down.

And in case someone thinks I misinterpreted what was going on, the thugs in the video were kind enough to clarify in the very next soundbite…

“They’re jumping every white person!”

In this, and several other videos I have seen of the various riots, white people are being dragged from their cars, chased down, and beaten senseless.

All the while, media outlets such as CNN and MSNBC tell their viewers how peaceful these “protesters” are being.

I am unsure how a criminal drawing a weapon on a police officer getting shot is somehow deemed despicable yet an innocent white person being pummeled by rioters is deemed acceptable.

Two things I am sure of as long as this continues:

First, racism will never end in this country, it will only get worse on both sides.

Second, and I have said this before, we are headed towards a modern day civil war that will be unlike anything we have seen in this country.

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