• July 16, 2024

WATCH: BLM Protester PUNCHES Police Horse – The Horse Gets SICK REVENGE!

Oh Peta…? Protesting police violence? Is it best solved by attacking an animal? Even if it’s a police animal?

A white girl thought she would be funny.Being the bold protester against violence that she is, she ran up to police passing by while mounted on horseback. She approached the horse from its rear flank and slapped it.

Clearly, she’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Because three things happened.

First, someone caught her stupidity on camera… and now she’s internet-famous for being stupid.

Second, she hit a horse while standing near its hind leg. Stupid city kid. Any farm kid would have told you what would happen next.

Third? She’s facing charges. She could spend five years in jail.

Hope it was worth it, dearie.

By the way, could American Leftists please stop exporting stupid protest groups? — Sincerely… Canada.


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