• July 18, 2024

WATCH –Gorgeous Black Trump Fans Come Forward With Viral Video to Reveal Why They Support TRUMP!

If you listen to the pundits and the surrogates in the mainstream media you would think Hillary Clinton had the Black vote in the bag.

But in video after video, Black voters are coming forward to testify to the failures of the Democrat Party and Hillary Clinton. They also sing the praises of Donald Trump. Testimonies to this affect are included in the latest viral YouTube ad. These testimonies defy the mainstream media narrative that Donald Trump is a “racist.”

As you just heard, the reasons Black voters are supporting Donald Trump transcend the falsely instituted Progressive-Democrat lines of divide. Formerly Democrat voters are tired of their elected leaders falling short of campaign promises.

“Democrats care about the inner-city when it’s election time. After election time, what do you get, zero,” Burnell Donald-Kyei said. “Even though people don’t want to hear the truth, the truth is bitter, but we have to swallow it…I voted for Barack Obama when he said he was going to bring ‘hope and change’ and ‘yes we can’, but no we didn’t.”

What was the result of believing in Obama, according to Donald-Kyei, “The jobs didn’t come. The better schools didn’t come. The investment in our communities didn’t come. On National security, our borders are wide open; we’re not safe. We have got to stop thinking as Black and White and Purple and Arab; we’ve got to start thinking as Americans.”

Kyei, like every other person on this video, also supports Donald Trump because he knows it is imperative that we create jobs for Americans, not export jobs to Third World countries. This is especially important in our nation’s urban areas where the youth are easy prey for the drug culture.

This video talks about investing in our communities. This includes getting government out of the way of small businesses. It also includes getting the bureaucracy out of the education system so dollars make it to the classrooms instead of the school board boardrooms.

And almost each and every person who stands with Trump – Black, White, Yellow, Brown, Red – said that securing the border was one of the key reasons they support Donald Trump. Porous borders effect jobs, taxes, entitlement distribution, schools, and most importantly: national security. Donald Trump is steadfast on securing the border and reforming and innovating the immigration system to include more Americans, not harbor more of those who would divide our nation.

“We have got to stop talking about things in terms of ‘race’ and start thinking about things in the terms of ‘America,” Kyei said. This is a common theme among the Black voters who support Donald Trump. It is a far cry from the self-serving racism of Black Lives Matters.

No, the media isn’t correct when they talk about Hillary Clinton “killing it” with the Black voters of America. In fact, they are dead wrong. Come Election Day she and her ilk, slack-jawed for their immense loss, will look to Black communities and ask, “What happened?”

The answer, straight from the mouths of the Black voters is clear: “You used us for 60 years. No more.”

Patriots Beacon