• July 18, 2024

WATCH – Richard Petty Endorses TRUMP, Then Asks One EPIC Question That Has People Going INSANE!!

Whether the martini-willing elites in New England and the Left Coast like it or not, the sport of auto racing has a gigantic and dedicated following across the country. When NASCAR heroes take a political stand, their fans and audiences tend to listen to what they have to say.

So, it is significant that “The King,” Richard Petty, has come out to declare his preferred candidate in the 2016 general election. Taking the stage at a rally in North Carolina, Petty declared he is supporting Donald Trump wholeheartedly for president. And while he has several reasons, he made his point by asking the crowd a question, “What about the people who come in and do what’s right in order to be citizens of the United States?”

Like the true sportsman he is, Petty pointed to the issue of fair play where the issue of immigration is concerned. And he sees nothing fair regarding those who broke the law to be here.
Saying Trump’s proposed policy on immigration and border security is a “good idea,” Petty had no qualms about his support for not only radical immigration reform, but also his support for building a secure border wall on the US-Mexico border.

“If you want to build a wall, y’all can all volunteer and we’ll all go down and build the wall, OK? I’m for the wall, that’s for sure,” Petty said. “What about the people who come in and do what’s right in order to be citizens of the United States?”

Petty was obviously talking about the gross unfairness of amnesty for those who entered and stayed in the United States illegally. An amnesty – and even an expedited path to citizenship – for those who knowingly committed crimes to enter and exist here is a slap in the face to immigrants who had the morals and ethics to enter and exist in our country by legal means.

Petty made the comments at a Tuesday evening campaign rally in Greenville, North Carolina. North Carolina is a critical state in the path to an Electoral College victory for both candidates.

Addressing Mr. Trump’s business acumen, Petty pointed to the fact that where Donald Trump has, indeed, created jobs and signed paychecks, Hillary Clinton has never created a single job because the government sector cannot create jobs unless the taxpayer is marginalized in the process.

“Look how many jobs Mr. Trump has created over his career,” Petty said referring to the billionaire real estate mogul’s many enterprises, “So he knows how to do that.”

Petty echoed common themes in the age of the progressive nanny state government Democrats want to foist on the American people. The North Carolina native and owner of Richard Petty Motorsports said he just wants to “get the government out of our business…I don’t want them coming in and telling me how to run my race operation.”

So, Petty—along with a majority people, per a new CNN poll—see Trump as someone who champions limited government, national security and a law and order style of government that restores the United States as a “nation of laws and not of men.”

I bet even Petty would wave the checkered flag at the Trump presidential motorcade come Inaugural Day!

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