• July 16, 2024

WATCH – Top US Psychiatrist Issues MAJOR Health Warning to Hillary…SHE IS PANICKING!

It is the weekend before the first U.S. Presidential debates, and campaigning is going on across the country. The questions surrounding Hillary Clinton’s health also continue, and a noted psychiatrist has some advice for the Clinton campaign:

Hillary Clinton should drop out of Monday’s debate because she could get hurt badly, according to Dr. Keith Ablow.

“How do I think she should prepare?” Dr. Ablow asked rhetorically. “I think she should say I’m going to hold three press conferences, I’m not doing the debates. Because it’s like the third rail.”

As we have learned, Donald Trump does not hold back. He is going to point out some tough questions for Hillary Clinton, much like service members have asked her questions regarding her insecure email server.

Donald Trump realizes something Hillary Clinton doesn’t. He realizes he is ultimately supposed to represent common, everyday Americans. Hillary only represents special interest folks such as overseas dignitaries and George Soros.

Because of that, Donald Trump is going to call on Clinton to look us all in the eye and explain all of her scandals, her dishonesty, and the poor foreign policy experiences that led to a senseless attack in Benghazi.

And if this hypothetical situation in next Monday’s debate occurs, I can tell you already what might happen:

Although she might get a bit unnerved, she will look into the cameras at a cross-section of Americans watching in their living rooms, and she will do what she has done countless times before.

She will lie. But the beauty of that is she is facing someone who Dr. Ablow says is extremely difficult to prepare for in Donald Trump.

Unlike other namby-pamby politicians, Trump is going to call Hillary Clinton out on her lies. And that is how she is probably going to get hurt.


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