• July 12, 2024

WATCH – ‘Women For Trump’ Just Destroyed The Media Narrative and HUMILIATED Hillary Clinton

According to the polls and the media narrative, Donald Trump has a problem with women. But according to a new video that isn’t the case.

At a Trump rally in Pennsylvania tons of women showed up with pink signs that said “Women for Trump.” These women seem very enthusiastic as they wave their signs to show their support, as per The Gateway Pundit. Yet somehow the polls say that Trump is down in Pennsylvania.

The “real clear politics” average polls have him down six percent at the time of this writing.  Yet, the furious rallies in Pennsylvania suggest that Trump might have more support among women than the media can believe, and a chance of winning the state.

There is room for caution however. Mitt Romney had giant crowds at the rallies immediately before the 2012 election and he still lost. And he didn’t have some of the same accusations against him that Trump faces.

There isn’t always a strong correlation between the intensity and size of rallies and the result of the polls.

On the other hand, pollsters were surprised at the Brexit vote. Many Britons were sick of being ignored by elites, so they turned up in droves and stunned everybody with a victory.

Trump has a history of surprising and beating opinion. He was declared dead many times in the primaries and many of the elite conservatives thought his support would melt at some point.

Yet, he won most of the primaries and received the most votes in Republican history. He has consistently kept the presidential polls close and is competitive in some places that no pollsters had planned on. There is some hope that Trump can surprise at the ballot box again.

It’s important for Trump supporters to fight the dominant media narrative. It’s often manipulated to support Clinton. To this end, some networks and journalists will lie to and intentionally mislead people. At the same time, its also important to realize that big rallies and pink signs don’t always translate into success at the voting booth.


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