• July 21, 2024

We Have Found The Worst Delivery Person Of All Time And Their “Attempt” To Deliver A Fridge May Be….[VIDEO]

A doorbell camera captured the moment a new fridge became a return ― and it occurred before the appliance even reached the customer’s door.

Chad Jones was eagerly awaiting the delivery of his brand-new LG refrigerator worth $4,200. That’s how you know you’ve reached peak adulthood: you thoroughly enjoy new appliances.

Sadly for Jones, it would be quite a while before he could enjoy his new purchase, as the delivery which took place on Feb. 18 went very sour.

Thankfully, Jones had installed a Ring Doorbell and Ring Camera and captured the entire incident that happened on February 18 in Tallmadge, Ohio, however, the video of the epic delivery fail went viral only recently.

“I had to unhook my original fridge, get the waterline off and, you know I was getting really excited texting people, ‘Hey, drinks at my house. We have all the ice,’” Jones said. Thankfully, he kept the old fridge, which would quickly prove to be a smart move.

In the video, one of the delivery drivers can be seen pulling the trolley on the driveway. It all seems to go well until about halfway up the driveway when the delivery driver attempts to set it down and the fridge slips and crashes on the floor.

It was immediately clear that the fridge was ruined. The door was hanging off the frame, drawers and shelves were scattered across the driveway and the other delivery man was so upset he skipped around and threw his paperwork down.

“Why wouldn’t you wait, bro?” he asked, incredulous. “Don’t we wait and set together, bro?”

He said that the delivery drivers still attempted to deliver the fridge and said that it was damaged by the manufacturer.

“Although it was his fault because he didn’t strap it down or wait for his co-worker, he was already having a bad day. I just let it go,” Jones said.

During the incident, Chad decided to let it go. He felt that the fridge was not damaged enough to cause a stink. However, he later had to get the broken LG fridge replaced.

According to AWM, viewers shared hundreds of comments on the ABC13 Houston YouTube video. Here’s what viewers like you had to say about the incident:

“First of all… You should use an appliance dolly for a refrigerator.”

“Thought for a second that he was gonna slip and fridge was gonna fall on him. I’m glad it didn’t.”

“There is a new invention… you may have heard of it.. it is called A STRAP.”

“Ring camera ruined another successful delivery.”

“This is the reason you have two people making the delivery – to avoid things like this!”

“Should have just floored the truck in reverse up the driveway then slam the brakes, the fridge would fly out and probably be in better shape.”

“I’ve been in the moving industry for five years now. Not only have they used the wrong equipment, but they should also have been working together on a large appliance.”

“(At the 21-second mark), the other guy that isn’t pulling the refrigerator is me when my mom brings home food, but I don’t want to seem too excited.”

“This is okay. At least the fridge didn’t crush the man. That item can be replaced.”

Watch the video report below:

Source: AWM

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