• July 12, 2024

What A Burger King Employee Did To An Angry Customer Is Absolutely Insane!

On Thursday, a Florida Burger King worker was arrested after she opened fire on a customer.

The 30-year-old suspect Shateasha Monique Hicks was seen arguing with a man when he drove off on Thursday afternoon, causing her to retrieve a weapon from her car and open fire on the man’s vehicle, shooting five times.

The customer allegedly threw mayonnaise back at Hicks before driving off. Police said Hicks opened fire on a man after an argument at the drive-thru window.

According to the report, a gun was found on the floorboard of Hicks’ car, and investigators recovered five bullet casings in the Burger King parking lot.

Hicks walked out of Miami-Dade County jail on Friday evening after making her $1,000 bond.

A witness named Kevin said that during the incident the customer then drove off and parked in the parking lot, Hicks left the restaurant, went to her car and grabbed a gun, then fired five shots toward the person’s car as they drove away. “She started jumping up and down, ran outside, and started shooting at him,”

“He took off after that and then she got in her car and followed him.” He added.

The car was abandoned but officers tracked it down and found a gun on the floorboard.

Hicks walked out of Miami-Dade County jail on Friday evening after making her $1,000 bond.

The Local 10 reported that Hicks’ aunt claimed that her niece was defending herself. “She was protecting herself. I don’t blame her. Everybody else might, but I don’t.”

The customer was not found and his condition is unknown.

In a statement, Burger King spokesperson said:

 “We are horrified to learn of the events that unfolded at this location. This unacceptable behavior does not align with our brand values of safety and security. Our franchisee is cooperating with local authorities. As this remains an ongoing investigation, we aren’t able to share additional details at this time.”

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