• December 2, 2021

What Biden’s Press Secretary Is Doing To The Press Pool Is Absolutely Insane!

When you are the day-to-day voice for the Biden Administration you have to know that you are going to be hit with just bout any question that you can possibly be hit with.

This is why you need to be able o answer questions as honestly and as quickly as possible. That doesn’t mean making everything a setup.

I worked briefly at a radio station and there was an actor that was being interviewed about a new movie and a few minutes before the interview was scheduled to come on the air the DJ was getting out this list of questions that they were apparently going to ask.

They were prepared questions that the studio had for them and a hundred other radio stations that day. Now, you wouldn’t want the White House doing something like that.

You had to know this was coming. The Biden caliphate is ruling by Executive Order, the constitution is damned. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki is having the press give her the questions they intend to ask before the press briefing.

That way she can plan on how to spin the story or what questions she does not want to answer. And judging by her press briefings that entail a lot of answers to indefensible positions.

What would the press be saying if Trump had asked reporters for their questions in advance, there would be an uproar and they would call him a Nazi white supremacist dictator. But, we haven’t heard a single word of dissent because Biden is a Democrat.

Leaders of the White House Correspondents Association (WHCA) have reportedly urged reporters not to cooperate but do you really believe the NYT, WaPo or CNN will oblige them?

Psaki said:

“I often note I’m going to circle back. I hate to disappoint conservative Twitter but I’m going to circle back on a number of things as we often do directly.” 

According to the Daily Beast, the Biden administration’s desire to get the questions in advance is worrisome to some reporters. These are probably young reporters who haven’t been told the ground rules when dealing with Democrats. But I am sure they will learn.

Lapdogs get promoted, honest journalists are forced to start their own websites like Sara Carter. There is no room in the media for honest reporting anymore.

From Breitbart News

One reporter raised the issue during an informal White House Correspondents Association Zoom call last Friday. According to multiple sources, leaders at the meeting advised print reporters to push back against requests by the White House press team to learn of questions in advance, or simply to not respond to the Biden team’s inquiries.

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