• July 16, 2024

What Chris Wallace Just Said About Biden Should Have Him Shaking!

On Thursday, Fox News’ Chris Wallace opined that he believed it was possible for President Joe Biden to recover from the lethal terror attack on Thursday, but he believed that it wouldn’t be possible for his administration to survive a lethal terror attack in the homeland that was launched from Afghanistan.

Wallace made the comments Friday on “America’s Newsroom” on Fox News with Dana Perino and Bill Hemmer.

“It’s terrible, and this is the one thing that the administration, even in the mess of the evacuations and the way that this has all played out, was hoping against hope that they would be able to pull it off the evacuations,” explained Wallace.

“And they’ve gotten a hundred thousand people, Americans, and Afghan allies, and foreign nationals out of the country,” he added, “they were hoping against hope they were going to be able to do this without the loss of any American lives, and of course, yesterday that hope was dashed when 12 American troops were killed.”

Wallace said that he thinks that the attack has weakened the ability of the United States to deal with threats from various terrorist groups.

“We are so diminished in our ability to deal with all the jihadists that are going to come into that part of the world, into Afghanistan, and that’s going to raise real questions,” he continued.

“As bad as yesterday was, the president can come back from that, but if there is an attack on the U.S. Homeland from Afghanistan after the withdrawal of all of our troops, that could be curtains for the Biden presidency,” Wallace concluded.

This ongoing disaster continues to hit Biden where it hurts, which is smack-dab in the middle of the polls. The president’s favorability has fallen from above 50% to as low as 41%. Vice President Kamala Harris would replace Biden if he stepped down, but she is not faring much better, with a recent showing that a majority of Americans do not believe that she is fit to become president.

Last Friday, an official with the State Department declared to USA Today that they had been in contact with 600 Americans who were simply trying to evacuate Afghanistan as safely as possible. Chris Wallace is right. This situation is turning into a PR nightmare for the Biden team.

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