• July 12, 2024

What Climate Scammers Are Trying To Get You To Eat Is…

The climate scammers just do not know when to halt their insanity.

First, they wanted you to eat bugs to ‘save the planet.’

That will not happen, but they are not even close to being done.

Now, they are pushing for something even more asinine.

How about old wind turbines recycled into gummy bears?

That’s the latest item on the climate change food menu.

Yes, really!

Researchers from Michigan State University have made a “composite resin for the blades by combining glass fibers with a plant-derived polymer and a synthetic one.”

“Once the blades have reached the end of their lifespan, the materials can be broken down and recycled to make new products, including turbine blades – and chewy sweets,” The Guardian reported.

Who needs bugs when you have delicious wind turbines?

These people are beyond insane!

From The Guardian:

To combat the waste, researchers designed a new form of resin. Digesting the resin in an alkaline solution produced potassium lactate, which can be purified and made into sweets and sports drinks.

“We recovered food-grade potassium lactate and used it to make gummy bear candies, which I ate,” said John Dorgan, one of the authors of the paper.

The alkaline digestion also released poly(methyl methacrylate), or PMMA, a common acrylic material used in windows and car taillights.

On eating gummy bears that are derived from a wind turbine, Dorgan says “a carbon atom derived from a plant, like corn or grass, is no different from a carbon atom that came from a fossil fuel. It’s all part of the global carbon cycle, and we’ve shown that we can go from biomass in the field to durable plastic materials and back to foodstuffs.”

He added: “The beauty of our resin system is that at the end of its use cycle, we can dissolve it, and that releases it from whatever matrix it’s in so that it can be used over and over again in an infinite loop. That’s the goal of the circular economy.”

“The news comes after months of promotion of insects and other bugs as a “sustainable” source of human food. “We will not eat the bugs,” has become a popular meme in response to the push from globalist allies such as the World Economic Forum,”

The National Pulse had this to say:

Interesting Engineering added:

Gummy bears that were wind turbines in their past life may not sound too appetizing. But, what if it’s edible and tastes like ordinary gummy bears? Doesn’t sound so bad now, does it?

Scientists at the Michigan State University have created a distinct turbine material that can be revived and recycled into new turbine blades or a variety of other products, including countertops, car taillights, diapers, and even gummy bears.

This innovation can have far-reaching consequences. Over the years, wind power has become an increasingly popular form of renewable energy. But, when it’s time to replace the huge turbine blades that convert wind into electricity, disposal is an enormous problem.

In 2020, Bloomberg reported that about 8,000 wind turbines will be removed in each of the next four years in the U.S. alone. Europe has about 3,800 coming down every year through at least 2022, according to BloombergNEF. Most of these were built more than a decade ago when installations were less than a fifth of what they are now.

The problem is only going to get worse.

What’s the climate scammers’ solution to this landfill waste?

Make the serfs eat them as candy.

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