• October 2, 2023

What Kari Lake Just Did To A CNN Reporter Is Downright Hilarious!

If you have not heard of Kari Lake, then you need to learn about her since she is awesome.

However, here is a quick backstory on Kari so you will see why she is gaining so much popularity.

Kari Lake announced she was running for governor of Arizona, but before she announced her bid, she was a popular local news host.

Who could handle the media better than a woman who was in the media?

There’s nobody who knows the fake news tricks like Kari and trust me, she’s been making their lives a living hell and we love to see it.

But by far, the best media hit yet came just the other day, when a CNN reporter approached Kari and asked for an interview.

Kari was thrilled to oblige the reporter, but that was just one small condition…

Here’s what Kari said: “WATCH what happens when @CNN ambushes @KariLake outside of an event ? “I’ll do an interview with you… as long as it airs on CNN+, does that still exist?”

Ha ha ha. Brutal!


Here’s what people online are saying:

“This is what we NEED!! MORE KARI’S!!!” 

“This is what we need… This woman is a fighter!!” 

“If only the rest of the useless GOP had the spunk Kari does, imagine how much better off we’d be?” 

“It’s politicians like Kari who give me hope for the future. We need more like her” 

“CNN will never live that stupid streaming service down lol” 

Kari will make an amazing governor of Arizona.

I can’t wait for her to win and become the “DeSantis of the West.”

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