• July 12, 2024

What One Mom Caught On Her Nanny Cam Had Her Ready To Spit Nails…

A horrifying discovery on a nanny cam leaves parents heartbroken and determined to warn others about the potential dangers lurking in their own homes.

When a North Carolina stepmom checked her nanny cam during a work break, she was horrified to discover her 2-year-old stepson being subjected to abuse by his babysitter, prompting her to share the distressing footage as a warning to other parents. Be advised, the video is difficult to watch.

At work, Laura Oglesby took a moment to check on her young stepson, Declan, using the nanny cam. But nothing could have prepared her for the appalling scene that unfolded before her eyes. Instead of witnessing her happy toddler in the care of a responsible babysitter, she saw her stepson being force-fed by his nanny, Lauren Rowe, who pinned the boy’s arms down as he screamed in protest.

Laura Oglesby

As Laura watched, Rowe aggressively fed Declan spoonfuls of pot pie, ignoring his cries and resistance. The heart-wrenching video captures the cruel nanny shouting at the sobbing boy, demanding that he eat his food. Meanwhile, she engages in a phone conversation, boasting about controlling the 2-year-old.

Infuriated, Laura and her husband, Max, contacted Declan’s birth mother, who lived nearby, to rescue their son as they raced home. Once they reached him, they discovered bruises on his arms where his hands had been held down. Armed with the shocking video evidence, Laura and Max alerted authorities, leading to Rowe’s arrest for misdemeanor child abuse. The couple also fired her, with Laura sending the former nanny a scathing text message.

Emotionally drained, Laura took to Facebook to share the traumatic experience and ensure Rowe would never harm another child, pet, or person again. To that end, the couple released the video, exposing Rowe’s inhumane behavior. Max explained that the shared footage was only a small portion of the two-hour-long ordeal his son endured.


The incident has left Max and Laura Oglesby heartbroken and struggling to trust anyone with their child. They had hired Rowe through a Facebook group for New Bern moms, and she even had a check on care.com. The devastated father lamented the difficulty of finding a trustworthy caregiver for their child.

In this case, the parents put their trust in someone who proved to be unworthy, but the nanny cam played a crucial role in exposing the abuse. The couple’s bravery in sharing the harrowing footage serves as a stark reminder to other parents to remain vigilant when entrusting their children to someone else’s care.

WATCH the video below for more details:

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