• May 30, 2024

What They Just Found In PA And MI Machines PROVES It Was All Stolen!

In February 2021, the existence of the Microsoft SQL database on the Dominion Voting Machines in Pennsylvania’s Fulton County was found, based on a recent election assessment conducted.

“No valid reason” for the software to be installed on the system, Analysts said. They also reported that Dominion failed to fill out the appropriate forms regarding the software, according to the Fulton County reports.

Surprisingly, Matthew Deperno, Michigan Attorney confirmed that this is the same software they found with their experts on the Dominion machines as was demonstrated in Michigan.

Anyone with privileges while using this software can simply change values in the database directly in order to change the outcome of the election leaving no trace whatsoever.

The Dominion system looks to the database for the values and uses whatever is there. It is outside of the logs or other election-related auditing records one would look for.

Attorney DePerno reported on the unapproved SQL software was ALSO on the Michigan County machines!

Excerpt from Dr. Danielle Blumenthal reports,

On May 3, 2021, Attorney Matthew DePerno posted a court briefing alleging the election had been hacked.

DePerno pointed to the presence of a deliberately installed, unapproved-for-election-systems software tool, in Antrim County, Michigan:

“Cyber Ninjas discovered a Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio implant on the system.

“This piece of software is not approved by the Election Assistance Commission (‘EAC’) and allows a user to actually circumvent security protocol and make ‘direct[] edit entries within the database’ which ‘could potentially be utilized to change vote values.’”

“Perhaps most importantly, this software is a ‘separate install.’ In other words, it should not be on the system. It is, by its very definition, a hacking tool.”

So we now have at least two instances where this unapproved SQL software was found on Dominion voting machines in at least two swing states.

Nancy Pelosi and Democrats are attempting to ban paper ballots in the US — and force Americans to use only voting machines.

Reports from Zachary Stieber of The Epoch Times:

Wake TSI said in the 93-page report that was quietly published on the county’s website, with no public fanfare, in May.

Wake TSI personnel did not conduct a technology forensic audit of the operating system or election management system (EMS) but did review some system file dates, log files, ballot images, and other files.

Wake TSI said in its report summary that it found that the election “was well run, was conducted in a diligent and effective manner and followed the directions of Pennsylvania.” No anomalies were reported during the election process and expectations were that the assessment would not show any indications of fraud, error, interference, or misconduct.

However, Wake TSI said it found five “issues of note,” including that Dominion failed to meet the commonwealth’s certification standards; that the election management system had Microsoft SQL Server Data Tools installed, despite the software not being part of the U.S. Election Assistance Commission’s certified configuration; and that changes were made to the management system just three weeks prior to the election.

Assessors said there is “no valid reason” for the software to be installed on the system and that the presence “allows any user with access to change and manipulate the EMS databases without logging [recording] to the Database, EMS, or [operating system] logfiles.”

They also said that Dominion failed to fill out a document that attests that the installed software versions conformed with certified reasons, with Dominion apparently claiming filling out the form was “optional.”

Dominion Voting Systems disputed the report’s findings related to it.

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Sources: TheGateWayPundit, The Epochtimes, Dr. Danielle Blumenthal

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