• July 19, 2024

What Zac Brown Did At His Concert Has His Fans Turning Against Him

Zac Brown has given us awesome hit songs that no one can get out their heads. He is an absolutely amazing guitarist and has a beautiful voice. His band stormed onto the scene and has not looked back. His performances are lively and he often enters the crowd as to truly engage with his fans. Usually this is considered a good thing when an artist wants to engage with his fans. At Zac’s last concert his actions led to a very unfortunate thing. That thing has turned one of his fans completely against him.

When Zac Brown was in Boston he jumped down into the crowd. He jumped down near the handicap section of the audience. When Zac Brown landed a flood of people stormed the handicap section of the concert arena. This left the handicap fans in a very bad place. Karen Perry is a blind woman who is also dependent on a wheelchair. She was sitting in the handicap area when the crowd rushed in. The gate that was supposed to protect her became dislodged and ended up gouging her under her armpit. This trauma was severe and Karen went to the hospital.

Karen is now unable to use her arm. Karen is now suing Brown directly for the sum of 75,000 dollars. She is suing for the concert not being set up to support the “known propensity of the crowd.” Karen decided to sue Brown instead of the arena or his managing company. I believe that if she would have sued the companies she could have asked for more. She definitely deserves compensation for the horrible trauma that she suffered.

Patriots Beacon