• May 27, 2024

When I Discovered What My Neighbor Was Serving Us For Dinner, I Made a Break For the Door!

Rafe Carroll first married Kristin in 1993, and almost immediately he and his wife had an all-too-common problem: lack of money. Was the couple rich in love? Most definitely. However, they certainly didn’t have any cash. Rafe worked several odd jobs and as a laborer and he and his wife were just trying to get by. One day, strictly by chance, he came upon some roadkill. Without any food to eat, he knew that desperate times called for deperate measures, so he ended up butchering the meat and taking it home to his family. It was something that was both illegal and dangerous to say the least.

However, his wife didn’t give him a hard time about time simply for one reason: “We were terribly low on money,” Carroll said regarding his difficult decision to collect the dead animals from the road. “I decided that I wasn’t going to get all holier-than-thou over free food.”

Rafe has never been caught for these “crimes”, and now it has become something he really enjoys. He not only made this meat edible, but he has gotten so good at the skill that it is literally delicious the great majority of the time. It didn’t take long before the family started eating this roadkill on a regular basis simply as a way to save money. Moreover, it even became a regular thing for his two daughters to do as well. Here comes the biggest twist: this family still serves roadkill, but not just to themselves but also to guests and colleagues on important dates and holidays!

Rafe has invited many of his friends and co-workers over to enjoy the fruits of his “labor” for many years now. However, each and every time they are all but totally shocked when he tells them just where the meat actually came from. Of course, Rafe has always believed that honesty is the best policy.

Rafe is now not only a roadkill enthusiast, but he even advocates for other people to get involved in ths highly unusual practice. Of course, he is quick to clarify that there are a number of procedures that you must undergo in order to do this right and that this “hobby” isn’t for the squeamish.
“I take all kinds of pride in the meat that I collect and bring to my family. I wouldn’t take anything home that I didn’t deem to be every bit as good as something you could buy at the shop,” Rafe says. “I’ve certainly been doing this for a long time, so I’ll usually know right away whether or not a piece of roadkill is okay to take or not.”
Moreover, Rafe says that he only needs five meat finds per year to feed his another for the rest of the year, period.
“The way I see it, if I don’t take this meat from the road, it will just go to waste,” Rafe noted. “So, I will take anything that is still fresh and hasn’t been mangled up.”
Of course, not everyone has to go to the extremes that Rafe Carroll has went to, but we all can be economical in every aspect of our life. There are plenty of things we can do to live our lives with excellence and integrity.
Tough call on this one I suppose, but what would YOU think about the fact that Rafe and his family are serving roadkil to their guests on big holidays? Share your comments below!


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