• July 21, 2024

WHOA: Biden Caught Funneling Cash Straight To The Mob….

The Biden administration is shaping up to be one of the most corrupt presidential administrations in American history. The Obama administration had its fair share of problems, but the Biden regime takes the cake for corruption, gaslighting, and misusing taxpayer dollars. The latest revelation is that the administration has been funneling money to the mob.

In December 2020, the US government gave a $36 billion bailout package to the Teamsters Union for their mismanaged pension fund. The Central State Pension Fund (CSPF) provides pension benefits to almost 360,000 private-sector workers and retirees, many of whom are members of the Teamsters Union.

Many have criticized the use of taxpayer funds for this purpose, especially since the people who mismanaged the pensions were responsible for deciding whether their funds would receive assistance, and no safeguards were put in place to prevent further mismanagement.

This situation is made worse by the fact that public employee unions in cities like Chicago and Detroit have looming unfunded liabilities that amount to billions of dollars. It is concerning that the Biden administration is using taxpayer money to bail out unions that mismanage their funds.

The deal is part of the $1.7 trillion COVID relief bill passed by Congress in December 2020. This bill followed the larger American Rescue Plan signed by President Biden earlier that year, which amounted to around $1.9 trillion and was designed to inject cash into the economy despite ongoing housing market booms and stock market climbs.

Critics have accused those in the power of bribing Americans with their own money as they look for ways to distribute wealth to those who benefit the most. The Biden administration seems to be following in the footsteps of previous corrupt presidential administrations, using taxpayer dollars to bail out corrupt unions and enrich themselves and their cronies.

It is clear that the Biden administration is not serving the American people. Instead, they are using their positions of power to enrich themselves and their allies. This is a blatant abuse of power and must be stopped.

The American people deserve a government that is accountable and transparent. It is time for the Biden administration to come clean about their dealings with corrupt unions and to put an end to this misuse of taxpayer dollars. Only then can the American people trust their government to work for them and not for special interests.

Source: Uafreport


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