• July 21, 2024

Why This Married Couple Is Being FORCED To Divorce Will Make You…

One happily married couple made a huge decision that will break the family they built with love.

No matter how challenging married life is couple should stick together, especially for the sake of their children, but things weren’t the same for Jake and Maria Grey who have been happily married for years with their two daughters. The Army veteran Jake Grey and his wife Maria are considering divorce because of their six-year-old daughter.

The couple said that it’s the only way their developmentally disabled daughter can qualify for Medicaid and get the health care she needs. Brighton was born with Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome, the medical bills are racking up.

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“She will not be able to be on her own ever and requires 24/7 care,” Maria Grey said.

They tried to apply for Medicaid to help with spiraling medical costs but Jake earns too much — $40,000 — for the family to qualify.

Maria said, “We’re No. 60,000.”

That’s when the divorce idea entered their minds, once become a single mother, Maria could qualify for health care assistance.

Maria added, “We shouldn’t have to make that sacrifice to get our child Medicaid.”

Jake Grey, an Army veteran, said the family has private health insurance but they still spend about $15,000 every year out of pocket.

“It’s drowning us to try to keep up with her medical expenses,” he said. “We’ve done everything we can do to try to keep her afloat, and we’re going to reach a point where we can’t do it and we won’t have another option. We don’t know what to do.”

Maria and Jake’s story wasn’t the first one, in fact, there were a lot of stories of families with the same dilemma as they have.

“We are not looking for charity, we’re not looking for money or donations. We don’t want a GoFundMe — we don’t want any of that,” Maria said. “I need the state to step up and give us the benefits that we need.

Jake tried to appeal to the government under the current administration but has not received any help or an adequate reply.

Source: AWM

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