• July 21, 2024

Why This Straight Father Says He Wears Skirts And Heels To Work Is Beyond…

With a list of accolades that include being a father, engineer, and football coach, Mark Bryan has quickly added model and influencer to his already impressive line-up. Known better as the straight man who wears skirts and heels, Mark Bryan has risen to fashion fame over the last year, landing himself exclusive photoshoots in Interview Magazine, CR Fashion Book, and Harper’s Bazaar.

The 61-year-old grandfather of four has been happily married to his wife for the past 11 years. In 2010, he moved from Texas to a town near Schwäbisch Hall, Germany, where he now works in robotics engineering and coaches a local football team. He loves cycling and fast cars and beautiful women, and he tries to exercise at least twice a week. Oh, and he looks great in a pencil skirt and a pair of six-inch stilettos.

Photo Credit: Mam News

Bryan’s interest in women’s shoes started about 40 years ago when he was dating a woman who also happened to be six feet tall. Feeling slightly emasculated, he discovered an unexpected workaround when he tried on his first pair of high heels, which he would continue to wear well past their break-up and into his marriage. (Bryan says his wife is supportive but doesn’t like the newfound fame he has acquired by regularly cataloging his outfits on his popular Instagram account.)

About five years ago, he began wearing heels, and an array of skirts of varying lengths, to work. Some commuters would gawk at him from across the train platform, others would cast wayward glances, none of it any bother to Bryan. “I’m at the age where I really don’t care what people think,” he says. “Either they like me or they don’t like me.”

Photo Credit: Mam News

Sources: OpposingViews, Metro

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