• September 24, 2022

WOW! The First Big Name At CNN Has Fallen….

Well, it’s finally happened.

The new owners over at CNN have just taken down their first big fish. I have to admit; this one shocked me.

I hadn’t even heard this guy was on the radar, but I think it was a good move, especially given what this guy did on that “New Yorker” Zoom call. T

hat’s right, Jeffrey Toobin has been “benched” over at CNN. It’s unbelievable that masturbating in front of his “New Yorker” co-workers on that Zoom call wasn’t enough to get him banned from his CNN gig.

However, as we all know, CNN has absolutely no standards whatsoever.


Radar Online reported:

The shake-up at CNN has snared its first major victim. Radar has exclusively learned Jeffrey Toobin, the CNN legal analyst and former The New Yorker writer who masturbated during a Zoom work meeting in 2020, has been benched from CNN’s primetime line-up — at a time when his wisdom would have once been the go-to source for anchors.

But instead of calling upon the veteran to discuss the FBI raid on Donald Trump, viewers of the troubled network are seeing and hearing a lot more from Elie Honig, who was the Assistant US Attorney for the Southern District of New York from 2004 to 2012.

Honig has quickly become a new “favorite” of CNN boss Chris Licht, sources at the network told RadarOnline.com.
“It’s all over for Toobin,” one insider said. “Licht’s whole era has been about restoring the credibility of an influential news network. He doesn’t see how Toobin can remain on the air for the long haul.

“When his contract is up, expect Toobin to make a quiet exit stage right.”

Tellingly, a Radar Online review of CNN’s airwaves shows Toobin — who carries the lofty title of chief legal analyst — has not appeared on air since August 4.

Then, he appeared alongside Don Lemon to comment on the January 6 text message scandal engulfing the Secret Service. Toobin also appeared only twice in July.

Honig — whose title is Senior Legal Analyst, considered a step below Toobin — has instead graced the network’s airwaves a staggering 20 times.
“Ellie is the heir apparent to Toobin,” added the source.

“When a big story breaks, Ellie leads the pack of talking heads. The playbook of producers once was, ‘Call Jeffrey.’ It’s not anymore, and that decision came from the top.”

The new owners have promised changes at CNN. I have not been impressed by much as of now. It looks like the same partisan “propaganda BS” we’ve all come to know and loathe.

I will perk up and notice when Chris Licht dumps Don Lemon, Jim Acosta, and Brian Stelter. Until that happens, I’m pretty much unphased.

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