• July 18, 2024

YES! Chip Roy Has Taken Mad Maxine Waters And Ripped Her To Absolute Pieces….

During a hearing on a resolution introduced by Representative Maria Salazar (R-FL) to condemn the quote “horrors of socialism,” a spat erupted between Representative Chip Roy (R-Tx.) and Representative Maxine Waters (D-Ca.).

Roy cited an op-ed by a Cuban Democrat criticizing the party’s leftward shift toward “democratic socialism,” comparing it to the horrors they witnessed while living under Cuba’s authoritarian socialist regime.

Then he went after Waters, mentioning a statement she made in support of seizing private companies and property before asking her if she was a Socialist.

Waters angrily denied being a Socialist, but Roy persisted in questioning her, asking if she still believed the statement she made in support of seizing private property.

The Gateway Pundit Reports:

“I’ve got one question for the ranking member,” Roy continued, looking at Waters and then his notes. “Ranking member Waters, in a 2008 hearing you said quote, ‘and guess what, this liberal will be all about? This liberal will be all about socializing, would be about basically taking over the government and the government running all of your companies,’ end quote” Roy said.

“Simple question: Do you stand by that statement?”

Waters complained that they were “wasting time on essentially a non-issue” and denied that socialism existed at all. She then made the ridiculous claim that she and Roy were both attempting to protect America’s democracy from such socialist forces.

Roy pounced on Waters’ reversal, pointing out that she was condemning her own words from 2008.

Waters contradicted herself once more in 2008. “I’m a capitalist, not a socialist.” She went on to say that she only wants to help veterans and seniors on Social Security and Medicare.

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