• July 12, 2024

Yet ANOTHER Television Reporter Has PASSED OUT Live On The Air…

I don’t care how the media, and Dems, and everyone tries to bury this stuff or normalize it, this is not normal. People are dropping like flies, literally, all over the place. I have never seen anything like this, have you? All these young people “suddenly dying” of heart attacks and clots, and people passing out like they’re at a 1955 Beatles concert or something. It’s not the least bit normal, and this should be investigated top-to-bottom by every newspaper and media outlet on the planet, but it’s not, and that’s your FIRST CLUE that something is really, really wrong here.

Again, not every “fainting spell” is mysterious, but there have been enough of these, and enough “sudden deaths” that something should be looked into. I think that’s a totally reasonable request, given all the changes people have gone through over the past couple of years.

And yet, here we are again, with another random “collapse.” This one happened on LIVE TV, during a “climate change” report, ironically, since the left is telling us that we’re all dying from the weather.

You can see the woman swaying, as the anchor throws the story to the two folks on-site at some climate change extravaganza. She doesn’t last long, and can’t even get a word out before she goes down like a sack of hammers.

Must Share News reported:

On 9 Nov, Channel NewsAsia (CNA) presenter Julie Yoo was live on location at the COP27 climate talks in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt when she abruptly fainted.

Thankfully, after a bit of rest, Ms. Yoo is fine, CNA said in a statement shortly after.

According to the broadcaster, she had fainted due to dehydration and low blood sugar and will return to work today (10 Nov). The incident occurred during CNA’s Asia Tonight broadcast while Ms Yoo and CNA climate correspondent Jack Board were reporting live from Egypt.

Well, if I were her, and I took any recent vaccine shots, I’d go see a cardiologist and have my heart checked out, just to be safe.

But this might be getting too big to hide…

NBC is finally admitting the truth. I know, it’s shocking that a mainstream propaganda media outlet is actually reporting the truth, but that definitely looks to be the case… it’s a start at least.

Lifesite reported:

In a sign of a potential shift in the mainstream media’s coverage of the issue, NBC News has published a report acknowledging a possible link between COVID-19 vaccines and myocarditis.

NBC’s November 12 report opens with an anecdote about Detroit resident Da’Vion Miller, who at age 22 passed out at his home and was later hospitalized and diagnosed with myocarditis and pericarditis one week after receiving his first dose of Pfizer’s mRNA-based COVID shot and was subsequently advised by doctors not to receive his second.

“Myocarditis is a condition that has long been linked to a number of viral infections, including influenza, coxsackieviruses, as well as Covid,” the report says. “It has also been observed as an infrequent but worrisome side effect of the mRNA Covid vaccines.”

It then goes on to say “there have been around 1,000 reports of vaccine-related myocarditis or pericarditis in children under age 18, primarily young males, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.” The U.S. government’s federal Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) gives a much higher number for overall myocarditis and pericarditis cases, 53,836 as of November 4. An April study out of Israel indicates that COVID infection alone cannot account for such cases, despite claims to the contrary.

Reports submitted to VAERS about possible cases are not yet confirmed, as anyone can submit a report, but CDC researchers have acknowledged a “high verification rate of reports of myocarditis to VAERS after mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccination,” leading to the conclusion that “under-reporting is more likely” than over-reporting.

The report also reveals that Moderna and Pfizer, the creators of the two mRNA-based jabs, are conducting “the first research in the U.S.” into potential heart problems associated with their products. Two Moderna trials are currently underway; a Pfizer trial is set to begin in the coming months.

Early findings required by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration could be published starting early next year, but in the meantime, the FDA continues to claim “there is no evidence of increased risk of deaths following mRNA vaccines compared to individuals who did not get vaccinated,” and that “evidence from well-conducted, peer-reviewed, published studies suggests that the risk of death is higher for unvaccinated individuals for nearly every age group.”

Still, the report represents a significant departure from the mainstream media’s treatment of the issue over the past two years, during which any affirmation of the shots’ harms was treated as dangerous medical misinformation.

Now, I’d look for the media and Dems to start blaming President Trump for the vaccine, now that it looks like it could be harming some people.

That seems to be the typical blueprint our propaganda media follows.

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