• July 16, 2024

You’ll Get CHILLS When You See What Was Found Near the Border

From Conservative Tribune:

Investigative reporting has revealed that officials in Mexico are attempting to cover up the discovery of a sickening cartel graveyard in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas, which borders Texas.

Dubbed “La Cocina,” or the kitchen, the cartel graveyard was used to incinerate victims and then spread their ashes along the banks of the Rio Grande, according to a former Gulf Cartel member who spoke with Breitbart.

Yet upon discovering the graveyard, officials from the Tamaulipas government reportedly denied finding anything suspicious until a week later, when they finally admitted to finding drums, ashes and bones.

And even then, they steered clear of admitting that the bones were likely those of humans.

Specifically, the Tamaulipas government claimed that its forensic scientists were unable to determine whether the bones were human or animal.

What sort of “scientists” would be unable to differentiate between animal or human bones? Likely scientists being forced by a sketchy government to make up lies so as to hide the fact that the entire country of Mexico is suffering under cartel violence.

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