• September 29, 2023

A Judge Went On A Profanity Laced Rant In Court, He Just Learned His Fate…

A Florida judge who was caught on camera cursing at a defendant in a Seminole County courtroom was demoted to unpaid leave for 60 days.

The appeal for the judge’s suspension came many months after the incident on February 10, 2022, in which Seminole County Judge Wayne Culver yelled at defendant Kevin Newton, 50, and threatened to disobey the court for interfering with a hearing.

An attendant can be seen entering a Seminole County courthouse and looking for a seat in a video posted by the Florida Supreme Court.

When the man, 50-year-old Kevin Newton, begins speaking, Culver interrupts the conversation and says, “Sir, I’m doing stuff. Can you shut up and sit down?”

Newton explains, ‘Absolutely, I’m trying to find a seat,’ to which the judge angrily replies, ‘That’s not shutting up’.

He continues, “You want to be held in contempt and go to jail? I asked you a f**king question, a**hole,” before Newton says, “No, sir.”

However, this is the second time Culver has been held to account for his actions in court. The first incident occurred in January of this year when Culver erroneously sentenced another man to 537 days in jail for contempt of court.

According to paperwork submitted by the Florida Judicial Qualifications Commission, the defendant in this instance interrupted the court’s petitioner.

Culver allegedly threatened to sentence him for so long that “the jail would have to be renamed after [him]” and that the words of the court were “the most significant words you’ll ever hear as long as you survive as a creature on this planet.”

The report states: “Both instances were propelled by, not only a failure to de-escalate, but the judge’s own rapid escalation of the confrontation through sarcasm, yelling, cursing, or other injudicious behavior.”

Sabrina, Newton’s sister, who was present during the hearing, told FOX 35 Orlando that the judge’s reaction was unacceptable.

“There was blue tape on the benches, so we didn’t know where to sit because of Covid,” she said.

“This judge let his personal feelings take over. I was scared to react in any kind of way because I didn’t want to go to jail!”

The report also added that Culver was made to complete an anger-management course and undergo stress-management counseling, as well as sensitivity training.

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