• May 30, 2024

A Sick New Piece Of Info About Pelosi’s Husband’s Arrest Has Been Leaked!

Nancy Pelosi must be having a fit right now after the news of her husband’s drunk driving arrest was reported.

Of course, the mainstream media is trying to make light of the situation and brush it under the rug as quickly as possible.

A prime example of this is CBS News’s very bland reporting of Paul Pelosi’s arrest for allegedly drunk driving after a two-vehicle collision in their home state of California late Saturday, according to the California Highway Patrol and court records.

According to the CHP, Pelosi, 82, was driving a 2021 Porsche that was hit by a 2014 Jeep as Pelosi’s car tried to cross a state road in Napa County. Pelosi was booked into the Napa County Detention Center on two DUI-related counts.

He was released Sunday morning on $5,000 bail, court records show.

However, that is not the whole story.

The news has missed out on reporting a HUGE piece of the story, but thanks to the Daily Mail we now have it.

Daily Mail reported that Nancy Pelosi’s drunk husband Paul was five miles from his Napa home when he blew a stop sign while crossing a highway at 10:22 pm and crashed his new Porsche into Jeep, an arrest report reveals.

Isn’t that nice how the mainstream media conveniently forgot to mention that?

Here’s what people online are saying:

“Now you tell me will he face the legal system or will he walk? DUI accident. Bet all you Cali residents that have made the same mistake in life will see why you are just peons to the politically elite!”

“I would be drunk too if I was married to her”

“I bet he gets off with a warning like all elites do…”

“Slap on the hand crime for a drunk Pelosi. Heck Nancy holds Press Conferences drunk.”

“Hey, maybe Pelosi should stop investigating January 6th and focus on her elderly drunk husband before he kills someone with his car?”

“Absolutely no excuse for drinking and driving; however if I were married to her, I’d probably drink too.”

“Will Pelosi demand that her husband face justice?” 

“I’m confused..first it’s a misdemeanor dui..now it involves a 2-vehicle, no fault highway collision aaand he blew over .08”

“He’s married to her as surprised he’s not drunk all the time”

“Does nancy drive? She is downed a 5th of grey goose by 9am every day so I’d think she would have a lot of DUIs if she did” 

Well, I don’t think Pelosi will be doing any “hard time” for this, so you can put away the #LockHimUp chants.

However, this is a great opportunity to further humiliate, Nancy.


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