• June 20, 2024

ALERT – Police Pull Over Islamic ‘Refugee’… They Are Horrified To See What Was In The Car

Hillary Clinton’s plans to let in Muslim “refugees” will have devastating consequences, and more and more examples of anecdotal evidence are coming out proving that argument. The police pulled one over last June, and what they found was terrifying…

Officers in New Mexico pulled over a vehicle for a routine traffic infraction, and they immediately noticed the woman was an undocumented Muslim with plans to build a gas pipeline in her car, per FreedomDaily.com.

Although liberals will simply write it off as an urban legend, this is further verification of the many reports that Mexican cartels have not only been smuggling drugs across our border, but they have been enabling individuals with terrorist links to come into our country as well.

You can credit Judicial Watch for blowing the whistle on this even while Obama and Clinton continue to stick their heads in the sand.

A few months prior to this incident, the group released a report alerting us that Islamic terror groups residing in Mexico are traveling to our country in droves and seeking out new targets for their jihadist plans.

This incident is also another indication of the fact Hillary Clinton should be not be anywhere near the Oval Office. Take away all of her scandals and dishonesty, and you still have a major problem:

Her Marxist, globalist agenda will lead to completely open borders, which will lead to terrorism as an inevitable conclusion.

These disastrous consequences have already been demonstrated in Europe, where terrorist attacks continue to become more and more commonplace.

Thus, the blunt, forceful truth is that it is not “if” but “when” we have the next terrorist attack if Hillary Clinton is the next leader of this country.

In the battle for our very lives, Clinton’s open border policy is simply not going to work. This is one of countless examples where the police got lucky. Next time, they may not be so lucky, and that is why we need the right leader in the Oval Office.


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