• September 21, 2023

An Anonymous Video From Alleged Proctor And Gamble Employees Has Been RELEASED!

After the OSHA tried to permanently implement tyrant Joe’s vaccine mandates, we are all flustered, pained, and damned.

Not only that this mandate violate our freedom of choice, but also going to hurt our essential supplies.

Previously, Truck drivers are united to stand up against these insane vaccine mandates, some are facing termination from work, while some are choosing to quit or retire than getting vaccinated.

That means a lot to us, seriously. If the quantity of these truck drivers is gonna shrink so bad, supplies will surely be heavily affected.

But recently, Anonymous Procter and Gamble employees have warned the United States of America about Joe Biden’s vaccine mandates.

Watch the threatening video here:

On one side of this dilemma, I could never blame these leery citizens who refuse to take these so-called COVID vaccines.

Previously, CDC admitted that these jabs could not keep you away from getting the Virus, hence they claim it is better to get vaccinated and get infected. That debunks the reality of natural immunity.

And it’s scary to face the truth, but most covid cases recently are among the vaccinated people, which concludes that these vaccines can you closer to getting infected. What’s the point?

Source: Wayne Dupree

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