• June 17, 2024

Antifa Punks Tried To Rally Muslims Against A Conservative And It Backfired In Major…

Let’s get one thing out of the way first: the murderous and barbaric assault on Israel by Hamas terrorists on the morning of October 7 brought nothing “good” or “worthwhile.”

Countless innocent Israelis have been ruthlessly slain, lives have been irreversibly transformed (for the worse), and things will certainly get much bloodier before anything gets any better in the region.

However, many anti-Semites have come up and publicly revealed their true identities despite the turmoil and damage, which is a positive development.

And while it’s encouraging that anti-Semites with big Harvard debts will have a hard time finding work, that’s hardly the only positive thing to come out of all the violence in the Middle East.

You heard that right: this battle has given us the chance to mock the extreme left as a snake chewing its tail.

Consider this crazy film that The Post Millennial’s senior editor, Andy Ngo, shared on the video-sharing platform X.

In the clip, conservative activist Chris “Billboard Chris” Elston (whose main claim to fame is fighting back against transgenderism run amok) can be seen addressing Antifa agitators who support the Palestinian cause.

The conservative offers reasonable reasoning and explanation while the left tries to drown them out with rubbish, as such conversations are unlikely to go on.

When one of the Antifa punks sought to recruit a fellow pro-Palestinian activist, the conversation took a hilariously unexpected turn.

Take a look for yourself below:

“What is fascist about trying to protect children from irreversible harm,” Elston asked the masked Antifa member.

“You are actually causing children to commit suicide with what you are propagating,” the Antifa member retorted.

Elston quickly silenced the disruptor by identifying this line of thinking for what it is: emotional blackmail.

“So you don’t actually want to prove any of your points because you actually have no evidence,” Elston said.

Realizing he was losing the argument owing to the weak quality of his “facts,” the first Antifa member recruited a second protester who supported the Palestinian cause to adopt a more quantitative approach.

“This guy is trying to propagate anti-LGTBQ propaganda,” the masked antifa member said with the exact same energy as a kindergarten tattletale. “He is trying to tell children that they are not allowed to be trans.”

“Yeah, they’re not.”

The comment wasn’t made by Elston, by the way; it was the female pro-Palestinian demonstrators he just roped in.

As the first antifa member stood there and was verbally undressed, you could almost see the wind go out of his sails.

The pro-Palestinian demonstrators schooled him on the fact that many faiths, especially Abrahamic ones like Islam, are strongly opposed to all LGBT practices, including (especially?) the transitioning of young people.

It’s great to take pleasure in the misfortune of others until you remember that the people who are explaining this to the initial Antifa punk are typically calling for Israel to be destroyed entirely.

This was always going to be the eventual result of the left’s relentless intersectionality. If you segment the population in enough ways, they will start to turn against each other.

The antonym of an adversary may not be a friend. But they can still make you laugh out loud, especially if it means defeating a far-left cretin like the one who took on “Billboard Chris.”






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